DiDACT Software Workshop Hand-outs


All University students now have access to lynda.com which is an online video tutorial website for thousands of applications including AutoCAD, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop etc. You can access it by logging on to MOLE and choosing from the list of services.

Auto Cad

Digital Design and Communication Teaching (DiDACT)

Welcome to our new online digital design and communication workshops.

This resource has been developed with the aid of learning and teaching grant from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Sheffield. The funding has enabled the department to set up a staff student working group in 2010 which had the task of reviewing how we teach digital design and then developing resources that would help support student learning. The workshops listed below have been specifically tailored to the needs of students studying landscape architecture and include real projects to illustrate how the software might be used. The workshops focus on a core set of software applications, which are typically used in landscape education and the landscape profession.

The workshops listed below are just a start and we fully anticipate that these will continue to be refined and developed. The students and staff who worked in creating this resource were keen to identify an approach that would enable it to evolve and keep up to date with new software developments. All of the tutorials have been produced using InDesign so that they are simple to amend and update. If you have any suggestions as to how these workshops might be improved or new workshops and resources that should be included then please email Paul Buck or Andy Clayden who are responsible for managing this resource. We will review your suggestions and where possible commission the development of new material.


Workshop 1 - Introduction
Workshop 2 - Hatches
Workshop 3 - Layers, Text and Dimensions
Workshop 4 - Layouts, Viewports and Printing
Workshop 5 - Xrefs and Plot Styles

Adobe Indesign

Workshop 1 - Introduction
Workshop 2 - Creating a Document and Using the Tools
Workshop 3 - Further Tools to Format your Document
Workshop 4 - Tools and Techniques
Workshop 5 - Using Indesign with other Applications

Adobe Photoshop

Workshop 1 - Introduction
Workshop 2 - Basic Image Editing
Workshop 3 - Creating a Panorama
Workshop 4 - Composing a Scene in Photoshop


Tutorial 1 Getting Started – Opening a Project, Screen Layout, Adding Data, Saving your work
Tutorial 2 Basic ArcMap Functions – Zooming and Panning and Working with Layers
Tutorial 3 Editing Layers
Tutorial 4 Colouring Layers according to attribute data
Tutorial 5 Creating a new layer
Tutorial 6 Creating a Point Layer and Adding Data to the Attribute Table
Tutorial 7 Adding Features and Editing Line and Polygon Layers
Tutorial 8 Further Feature Editing Options
Tutorial 9 Creating a Map Layout
Tutorial 10 Map Layouts - Inserting Titles, Legends, Scale Bars and North Points
Tutorial 11 Printing and Exporting a Map Layout
Tutorial 12 Creating Multiple Map Layouts
Tutorial 13 Georeferencing material for use in ArcGIS
Tutorial 14 Downloading Historic Maps
Tutorial 15 Downloading from Google Earth
Tutorial 16 Working with Census Data in ArcMap
Tutorial 17 Querying and Analysis in ArcMap
Tutorial 18 Creating a TIN
Tutorial 19 AutoCAD to ArcGIS and ArcGIS to AutoCAD
Tutorial 20 Working in Arcscene and Opening ArcMap in 3D Google Earth

Workshop 1 Introduction
Workshop 2 SketchUp Applications Within Landscape Architecture
Workshop 3 Exporting SketchUp Models for Visualisations
Workshop 4 Technical Workshops


The following people, who are listed in no particular order, have been responsible developing and producing this resource. They include: Hanna Doyle, David Hine, Paul Buck, Steve Williams, Thom White, Mark Rodgers and Andy Clayden. We hope that the list of names will continue to grow as new material is added.