The following equipment is available free of charge for all landscape department students.

Please note that if you borrow any of this equipment, you are responsible for loss or damage.


Please see Andrew in the floor 15 Media Unit room to book and collect. See Paul Buck on floor 11 for any advice on using any of this equipment.

6 x Wacom Intous Graphics Tablets

6 Wacom Intous graphics tablets available to book out on a daily basis. Click here for more information about these tablets.

6 X Canon SLR Digital Cameras

These cameras are also capable of taking HD video

2 X Panasonic HC-X900M High Definition Cameras

Available to book out on a daily basis.

2 x 360 Ricoh Theta Cameras

For taking high quality 360 degree panoramic photos and video.

1 x Voice Recorder

5 x Graphics Tablets

Intuos A3 size Graphics Tablets.

3 x Windows Surface Studio Digital Drawing Boards

These digital drawing boards are permanently located in the Media Unit on floor 15 and are available on a first come first serve basis.

1 x Light Box

A3 size light boxes available

1 x Mini Projector

Small lightweight projector for projecting onto models etc.

1 x GoPro Hero 4 Camera

1 x Garmin ETREX GPS Tracker


Field Equipment is available from Paul Buck on floor 11.

4 in 1 Environment Meter

The Environment meter can measure sound, light, temperature and humidity. We have 3 of these.


5 devices for measuring wind speed and temperature.

Dumpy Level Kit

Dumpy Level, tripod and staff for measuring spot heights and surveying the levels of sites.  There are full instructions on how to use the Dumpy Level.


four 30 meter tapes and 3 Infrared Measurement Devices (IMD).  The IMD's can be used to measure areas and volumes as well as straight distances.


4 Quadrats which help to define areas when surveying plants or some wildlife.


2 copies of 'Wild Flowers of Yorkshire' as field guides.


5 pairs of binoculars for observing sites that are hard to physically access or that you do not want to disturb.