What is the Student Staff Committee?

James Hitchmough

The Student Staff Committee exists to encourage any student taking a Landscape course to raise issues of general or particular concern relating to any aspect of Departmental Management, facilities or courses within a group made up of representatives of the teaching staff and student representatives. Student representation includes one representative from each of the undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses for each academic year. Student representatives are normally elected by their year group at the start of each year. The Committee is chaired by Andy Clayden and Dr Nicola Dempsey, who together co-ordinate the meetings in consultation with the student representatives.

The committee normally meets at least once each semester. Any student wishing to raise an issue at one of the meetings should bring it to the attention of their student year representative in advance.

The terms of reference for the student staff committee are:

• To consider the form and timing and results of student evaluation of courses, together with results from previous years (and any necessary action arising from these) and the National Student Survey and the Sheffield Annual Student Satisfaction Survey.

• To consider any changes to programmes and assessment.

• To consider issues raised by students and/or by the department relating to course content, design and delivery; assessment and feedback; tutorials; timetabling; library; IT and other facilities.

• To be involved in departmental quality assurance procedures including the Annual Review of Learning and Teaching, receiving reports from (and reporting to) other relevant departmental committees as appropriate.

• To consider the effectiveness of the departmental personal tutorial support system and other student support systems, such as PDP

The student members of the Student Staff Committee also elect representatives to the Department´s Learning and Teaching Committee. This is the committee of staff, with two student representatives, which is responsible for discussing teaching matters in the Department. Student representatives on the Learning and Teaching Committee are usually elected at the first Staff-Student Committee of the year and include one undergraduate (usually Level 3) and one postgraduate (usually MA2 or MLA) representative. A representative must also be elected to sit on the Faculty Board.