Dr Olaf Scroth, Lecturer in Landscape Planning

Email: o.schroth@sheffield.ac.uk
Phone: +44 114 2220615

In my research I am developing and testing tools in environmental modelling and landscape visualisation, to facilitate landscape planning processes to better address the current challenges that are facing our landscapes.

Dr Olaf schroth


Olaf Schroth is a Lecturer in Landscape planning, specialising in developing and testing technologies for environmental modeling and landscape visualisation. These are used to facilitate landscape planning processes as well as addressing current challenges to our landscapes, such as climate change, urbanization and emerging new energy systems. His work covers landscape and visual impact assessment, GIS, landscape visualisation and the impact of climate change adaption and mitigation on the landscape scale.

Having completed undergraduate studies in geodesy, Olaf moved to Newcastle where he gained an MA in Planning Studies. His SC. D is from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich.  Full qualifications

Teaching Responsibilites

LSC119 The Changing Landscape
LSC336 Landscape Planning Toolkit
LSC 5020 Rural Landscape Planning
LSC 6005 Special Project
GIS Workshops in LSC119/105 (UG) and Special Project Workshop (PG)

Administrative Responsibilities

Departmental Erasmus+ and Study Abroad tutor
Representative on the Sheffield Methods Institute Staff Committee


Olaf has worked at the interface of landscape planning, urban design, participation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and visualization tools for more than ten years. His main research interests are participatory planning methods within community planning; the development, application and evaluation of spatial analysis and visualization tools; and planning processes that address sustainability, especially climate change, issues at local to regional scales. His preferred research methods are trans-disciplinary action research (TDAR) and qualitative and quantitative case studies. The common theme of Olaf's research is the evaluation of planning methods and tools, with the most recent finding being an approach for the integration of design and planning process, methods and tools in the Local Climate Change Visioning process. In his research, Olaf wants to further develop, apply, and evaluate innovative and inter-/transdisciplinary landscape planning processes using up-to-date GIS analysis and visualization tools. Olaf's specific research areas can be explored through the links tab. Full research areas


SNF Fellowship for Prospective Researchers, Switzerland (2008)
SNF Fellowship for Advanced Researchers, Switzerland (2009)
PICS Postdoctoral Fellowship grant (2010)


Academic Member of the Landscape Institute
Member of The British Cartographic Society
Deutsche Kartographische Gesellschaft
Informationskreis für Raumplanung IfR

Selected Publications

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  • Schroth O (2010) From Information to Participation. Interactive Landscape Visualization as a Tool for Collaborative Planning.. Zurich: vdf Hochschulverlag an der ETH Zürich. RIS download Bibtex download

Journal articles


  • Cohen S, Laurie M, Liepa I, Murdock T, Pearce C, Pond E, Schroth O & Zukiwsky J (2013) Shared Learning on adapting to climate change in south-east British Columbia, Canada In Palutikof J, Boulter SL, Ash AJ, Smith MS, Parry M, Waschka M & Guitart D (Ed.), Climate Adaptation Futures John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Moser S () Successful Adaptation to Climate Change Routledge RIS download Bibtex download