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The History of The Department of Landscape

Since its inception in 1969 some 2000 students have graduated from the various courses at the Department of Landscape; this has included graduates and undergraduates, as well as research students. In order to achieve a better understanding of the aims and objectives of the Department, and indeed landscape architecture education generally, its past and future is being researched. This `history┬┤ is explored as an ongoing project that is intended to expand over the years. The first part is a paper of the genesis of the course first published in Garden History 38/2 (2010), and has been included here with kind permission of the editor. It is available as a pdf download (Garden History 38/2).

A brief historical overview of the course also includes a rationale on the direction of research and concentrates on arts and humanities research undertaken within the Department. It was published as `Explorations: Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield┬┤, European Architectural History Network Newsletter No.1 (2009), pp.18-26. ISSN 1997- 5023, and can be accesses by clicking the following link: