Find your language level

International students

We offer courses from absolute beginners to advanced levels. Find your language level using the guide below.

The following levels are based on the Common European Framework.

A: Basic speaker

  1. Beginner – you have no understanding of the language, or a very limited vocabulary.
  2. Elementary – you can understand simple sentences and frequently used expressions.

B: Independent speaker

  1. Intermediate – you can understand and use language consistently, and ask and respond to simple questions.
  2. Upper intermediate – you can express yourself well in common situations and communicate with native speakers with some fluency and spontaneity.

C: Proficient speaker

  1. Advanced – you can express yourself fluently and spontaneously, understand and recognise implicit meaning, and use language flexibly.
  2.  Mastery – you can express yourself fluently, spontaneously and precisely, understand everything you hear and read, and summarise information.