Tandem learning community

Language learning in tandem takes place when native speakers of two different languages work together in order to learn each other's language and develop a knowledge of the target culture and community.

EDU - students working together

Tandem learning is underpinned by principles of:

  • reciprocity - both partners should benefit equally from the exchange
  • autonomy - each partner is responsible for their own language learning, establishing learning goals and deciding on methods and materials.

Please read the following information

  • You must be logged onto the Sheffield University network and Google Plus to be able to view the MLTC Tandem Community as access is restricted to TUOS (you will receive a 404 message if not logged on).
  • You don’t need to be registered with the MLTC and the community is not limited to languages offered by the MLTC.
  • If you are registered with the MLTC, you may find the tandem community a useful addition to your course for extra speaking practice and cultural input from a native speaker in relation to your own interests.
  • The scheme is not available for University accreditation or HEAR and cannot be taken by STEM students as a substitute for the Tandem Learning modules.
  • The community is intended for students to find an informal partner. The University and the MLTC take no responsibility.

If you are a member of staff or a student of the University of Sheffield, please follow this link to find a partner:

Tandem Learning Community

Suggestions to improve the community are welcome. Please complete the feedback form.

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