About the Gateway: Language Providers

There are a wide range of language learning opportunities available. Whether you are thinking of a full degree programme in foreign languages, or you intend to pursue another degree discipline but are thinking of a languages module to enhance your skills through the 'Languages for All' programme, this gateway provides the information you need to consider your choices

Follow the links below to find out more about the various language providers at the University.

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School of Languages and Cultures

The SLC offers full degrees across four departments: French, Hispanic Studies, Germanic Studies and Russian and Slavonic Studies.

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Modern Languages Teaching Centre

The MLTC has language modules for students on STEM degrees, and on other non-language degrees, as well as language exchanges and Masters in Applied Language Studies. The MLTC also have many courses which are open to members of the public and University staff

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School of East Asian Studies

SEAS has research and teaching covering China, Japan and Korea. It offers intensive Chinese, Japanese and Korean language options through its degree courses, as well as non-intensive options for students wishing to add an East Asian language dimension to their studies.

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Religion, Theology and the Bible

Religion, Theology and the Bible (Department of Philosophy) offer modules including Hebrew and New Testament Greek.

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English Language Teaching Centre

The ELTC offers a wide range of English language courses and services for University students and departments, as well as the public.

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Students' Union

The Students' Union hosts a range of language-based events including an international languages festival and taster courses in a variety of different languages.

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School of English

The School of English offers the EGH206 module - Introduction to Modern Irish in semester one which is open to all students

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Sheffield Confucius Institute

This is a focal point for China-related activities in Sheffield, the Midlands and Northern England. It promotes Chinese as a foreign language and language training for businesses.

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Department of Lifelong Learning

The Department of Lifelong Learning offers language courses to the wider community in Sheffield. This includes many courses which are open to the public.

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