Photo of Rizanesia Citrasari at her GraduationRizanesia Citrasari

LLM Corporate and Commercial Law (2015)

Where were you before you arrived in Sheffield to study?

I am originally from Indonesia and was born, raised and educated there before I came to Sheffield in 2014 to study.

What made you decide on Sheffield?

For my future plans I needed to know about the Common Law system so I was focusing on England for an LLM programme. My scholarship foundation issued a list of world top universities and Sheffield was one of those.

I want to be an arbitrator, so commercial subjects are perfect for that career. Sheffield’s LLM in Corporate and Commercial Law stood out. I checked the modules online on the University’s law school website. The Corporate and Commercial modules really fit the bill of what I was hoping to study.

It was a really big move to make, so far away from home, but I was impressed by the student satisfaction ranking and that gave me some reassurance.

How was the application system?

It was done online and was quick and easy. I felt the admissions staff treated me as an individual in their assessment of my capabilities. The University sent me details about coming to the UK and living here – and there is a lot of information online on the University website which is helpful when you are an overseas student.

What are your impressions of Sheffield?

First of all, the city is nothing like Indonesian cities which are super-busy 24/7. There are a lot of green open spaces in Sheffield – it’s really fresh. Public transport is great with buses and trams, so it’s not congested with traffic all the time. You feel you have time and space, especially in the evenings and the University has some great places such as the Students’ Union for entertainment, music and societies, or the Information Commons – that’s the main library and you can work there whenever you like – it doesn’t close.

It’s a beautiful city – you have the city centre with cinemas and theatres and shops and then there’s countryside very close by which you can easily get to. Sheffield is very hilly – you can always see the next hill or valley and that drew some memories from my childhood as my mum’s home town is hilly too. What I would like to emphasise is, even though I’d come across the world to get here, it was really easy to feel at home because of the friendliness of the people. This isn’t an enclosed campus university, so you do get to integrate with the local people. Sheffield people call you “love”, “darling” and “duck”! It’s really sweet!

What did you gain during your course to help you in your career?

I gained the depth of knowledge in my commercial legal subjects that I was hoping for. But the big differences were in the way students learn in the UK. I was expected to research my topic and to contribute a lot in class. I had never experienced that before, but it turned out to be a very good thing – it has helped my personal confidence and has developed my skills, especially in building a legal argument. Students all talking together with the tutor in class is a major part of a British university education and definitely a major part of my student experience here. It’s been great because I’ve seen my communication skills and my academic confidence really take off. Basically, the law school tutors will help you and will build your confidence as you go through the course. They really helped me a lot.

How did you find the quality of teaching staff?

All the professors and other academics are very approachable and are willing to discuss subjects with you outside the classroom. I feel this really helped me to gain my LLM and it made the whole academic experience so worthwhile.

What’s next for you?

I loved Sheffield so much – one year is definitely not enough! The knowledge I have gained here I am hoping to take forward into a PhD. I am still passionate about arbitration and want to research that here in even more depth.