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Dr Vicky Chico
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My career has spanned healthcare and academia. In 1998 I completed a B Med Sci in Nursing Studies at the University of Sheffield.

Following this I became a specialist cardiology nurse. It was during this time that I developed an interest in the regulation of healthcare.

I returned to Sheffield University to study for an MA in Law, achieving a distinction in 10 of the 12 modules. In 2003 I was awarded a scholarship to read for a PhD at Sheffield University.

I completed my PhD and joined the Law School as a lecturer in 2006.

  • PhD
  • LLM
  • BA
  • FHEA
Research interests

My research considers how English negligence law might respond to novel grievances, that arise in the context of genetic technology, if it were imbued with specific recognition of the interest in personal autonomy.

Recently this has led to a particular interest in the legal, governance and public engagement issues associated with the introduction of next generation sequencing in the clinic and the generation and use of bioresources arising from the increase in next generation sequencing. I have published in a number of leading journals on the theoretical aspects of next generation sequencing in the clinical context.

My research on these topics has recently been supported by grants from the ESRC and Sheffield University’s EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Account, the Research Councils Roberts’ funds, the University Early Career Researcher Scheme and the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support fund.

Member of the Sheffield Institute of Biotechnology Law and Ethics and the Centre for the Study of Law in Society.

Areas of Research Supervision

Aspects of medical law and the tort of negligence. Particularly where the focus is on novel forms of damage arising from medical or genetic services and the challenge these might present for negligence law. I am particularly interested in the concept of autonomy as the theoretical basis for the analysis of the interface between negligence and medical law.

Recent Invited Papers and Keynote Lectures

  • Invitation to Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network workshop on the future of UK Biobanks at the University of Leeds on 28th April 2015.
  • Invitation to Wellcome Trust Workshop on the Duty of Care in Clinical Next Generation Sequencing, Wellcome Trust 24th March 2015.
  • Invitations to Public Health Genomics Foundation invited seminar series on Realising genomics in clinical practice, 5th February 2014 The Royal Society and Thursday 10th July, Academy of Medical Sciences.
  • Invited presentation – Britain Against Cancer hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer ‘Post-mortem donation of tissue for research: patient consent and family wishes’ 10th December 2013 at Central Hall Westminster.
  • Invited paper 'Can requiring genetic knowledge be justified in the name of preventing harm?’ Manchester centre for Genomic Medicine University of Manchester 6th May
  • Invited paper ‘Requiring genetic knowledge’ Centre for Social Ethics and Policy Senior Seminar Series University of Manchester 12th February 2014


  • Chico V (2011) Genomic Negligence: An Interest in Autonomy as the Basis for Novel Negligence Claims Generated by Genetic Technology. Routledge cavendish. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Chico V (2010) Genomic Negligence: An interest in Autonomy as the Basis for Novel Negligence Claims Generated by Genetic Services. Routledge Cavendish. RIS download Bibtex download

Journal articles


  • Chico V (2019) Public views on sharing anonymised patient-level data where there is a mixed public and private benefit RIS download Bibtex download
  • Chico V (2016) Doctors under no duty of care to warn patients' relatives of genetic risks RIS download Bibtex download



Title/Description: Confidentiality Advisory Committee - public engagement project

  • Awarding Body: Health Research Authority
  • People involved: Dr Mark Taylor (PI) / Dr Victoria Chico (Secondary investigator)
  • Dates: March 2016
  • Amount: £28,000

Title/Description: How companies use health data symposium

  • Awarding Body: Wellcome Trust
  • People involved: Dr Victoria Chico and Dr Mark Taylor
  • Dates: January 2015
  • Amount: £705.25

Title/Description: Is it always better to know?

  • Awarding Body: Wellcome Trust
  • People involved: Dr Victoria Chico (PI) /Dr Tim Heaton (Maths and Statistics)
  • Dates: November 2012

Amount: £10,000

Teaching interests

My teaching interests are closely aligned with my research. I like to bring my curiosity about my research to my teaching by relying on the questions that I am investigating to frame and bring to life the courses that I teach.

Like my research and my professional background, my teaching spans the interface between medical care and the law.

Across my teaching I rely on my own curious and inquiring nature to foster a culture that drives students to be curious and gain a deep theoretical understanding of the law but also an appraisal of how it applies in real life.

Equally I seek to inspire in them an appreciation of why it is important for them to develop these abilities.

Teaching activities


  • Torts Law
  • Principles of Healthcare, Law and ethics

Postgraduate and MA

  • Issues in Human Genetics
Professional activities

I sit on Sheffield Teaching Hospital Assisted Conception Unit ethics committee.