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Our Current Research Degree Students

Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Ali, Amal Law, Gender and Religious Beliefs in Europe: a Human Rights Perspective Dr D Tsarapatsanis
Anastasiou, Thekli A critical analysis of the present stance of the law of protection for environmentally displaced persons within international law Dr Brid Ni Ghrainne
Banwell-Moore, Rebecca Restorative Justice: A comparative analysis of the barriers to Victim Participation. Professor Joanna Shapland
Bekaj, Armend Rearranging the puzzles of security in the Western Balkans: a comparative study of intra-state armed groups Professor Paul Knepper
Giggio, Giacomo Cyberwarfare and the law of targeting Professor Nicholas Tsagourias
Binch, Lucy Prostitution and the Sex Industry Dr Maggie Wykes
Blindell, Luke The effective implementation of the 2011 UN Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights Professor A Johnston
Bradford, Lauren An exploration of the criminal justice experiences of those who are bereaved through homicide Professor Joanna Shapland
Bradley, Wendy Tax Simplification and Better Regulation Dr Richard Kirkham
Conde Gutierrez, Carlos  Intellectual Property Rights and Synthetic Biology  Dr Amanda Warren-Jones
Corbally, Alice Diversity or disorder? Promoting diversity through police partnerships Dr Layla Skinns
Cousins, Katherine History of Tax Law: The success of the first income taxes 1799 - 1816 Professor RG Burrell
Demirhan, Eray Rethinking legal limitations to Articles 8-11 of the European Convention on Human Rights through Dworkin’s eyes Mr DA Gonzalez Salzberg
Deva, Sagar Filling the Legitimacy Gap in International Constitutionalism: A Republican Critique of “Liberal-Legal” Constitutionalism and the Promise of Societal Constitutionalism. Dr Dimitrios Tsarapatsanis
Fellowes, Melanie Medical Law Dr Vicky Chico
Goulding, Richard The impact of the financial crisis and fiscal austerity on shifting patterns of social and private rented sector housing in urban areas of the UK Professor Sarah Blandy
Grace, Jamie Law, policy and regulation in understanding the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme Dr Richard Kirkham
Greally, Robert The Institutional Implications Of Political Constitutionalism: Is There More To Political Constitutionalism Beyond The Judicial Review Debate? Professor GD Gee
Heydon, James An investigation into the cultural destruction of Athabasca's indigenous First Nation populations as a result of environmentally destructive state-corporate activity Dr Mark Brown
Johnston, Claire Exploring girls and young women's experiences of the criminal justice system, using an intersectional feminist framework Dr Gilly Sharpe
Kastelic, Andraz The international law of State responsibility for the internationally wrongful computer operations below the threshold of the use of force Dr Russell Buchan
Kemeys, Josephine The Constitutional Reform Act 2005: ten years on Professor GD Gee
Koturovic, Darja Crime and Drug Trafficking in Serbia Professor P Knepper
Kotzamani, Pangiota Individual Criminal Responsibility of the High-Ranking Executives of a Multinational Corporation under the Statute of the International Criminal Court Professor Nicholas Tsagourias
Lea, Stephen To what extent have intuitively held assumptions about the relationship between transparency and legitimacy, in the context of European Union governance, been misplaced? Dr Paul James Cardwell
Lindo, Simone K Success, Fear and Changing Experiences in Prisoner Resettlement. Dr Cormac Behan
Matthewman, Molly I Am How I Live: A Study of Graduate Housing in Beijing and London, and the Relationship between Renting, Identity and ‘Home’ Dr Ting Xu
McMahon, Louisa An Exploration into Domestic Abuse in Male Same-Sex Relationships. Dr Maggie Wykes
Mitchell, Edward Developing agreements? Private and public sector development agreements and retail-led regeneration (working title) Professor Sarah Blandy
Morrison, Alastair Utilising an international criminal law doctrine in the establishment of state responsibility Professor Nicholas Tsagourias
Onuegbu, Immolatrix Legal implications of moving to a knowledge economy: Biotechnology regulation in Namibia Professor Aurora Plomer
Perrin, Stephen Copyright Infringement in the film industry and the potential effects on cinema operators Professor RG Burrell
Radisavljevic, Dejana International Criminal Sentences - time for a rethink Dr DJ Hayes
Segev, Dana Drawing the Context: Understanding Desistance Processes in Different Countries Professor Stephen Farrall
Shimwell, Morgan A Legal and Sociological Study of the Limitations of Supply-Side Laws as the European Response to Global Trade in Falsified Medical Technologies' Dr Amanda Warren-Jones
Sinclair, Olivia ‘Why do men rape?’, Talking to psychologists, policing personnel and men on what motivates perpetrators of sexual violence to offend. Dr Maggie Wykes
Stark, Abigail Further than the Franchise: Prisoners’ Experiences of Active Citizenship in England & Wales, and Ireland. Dr Cormac Behan
Tembo, Chanda Intellectual Property Law, New Plant Variety Protection, Traditional Knowledge, Technology Transfer, Food Security and Sustainable Development Professor Aurora Plomer
Tunks, Robert The use of force in international law - The Differences Between International and African Regional Approaches on the Responsibility to Protect and a Search for Definition Dr RJ Buchan
Udofa, Kingsley Adapting European Regulatory Framework to innovative and technological advancements in electronic money Professor A Johnston
Van Ash, Edward The effectiveness of international cooperation in fighting transnational organised crime Professor Joanna Shapland
Yau, Claire The extent to which international law deters and suppresses terrorist use of cyber space for recruitment, funding and propaganda purposes Dr Russell Buchan
Young, Calum Understanding and explaining the effects of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights on the legal framework of health policy in England and Germany Professor Tamara Hervey