Andraz Kastelic


Research Title: The international law of State responsibility for the internationally wrongful computer operations below the threshold of the use of force

Supervisors: Dr Russell Buchan and Dr Nicholas Tsagourias


BA Policy Analysis and Public Management, University of Ljubljana.
MA Diplomacy, University of Nottingham.

Scope of Research

The research attempts to determine the protection capacities of the international law of State responsibility in the event of a non-forcible cyber operation. It aims to prove that the application of the law of State responsibility may offer peaceful methods of cyber-related conflict resolution and, consequently, impact international relations in a distinctively positive manner.
The specific focus of the study is on espionage, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack and psychological computer operation. Research project attempts to examine the international legal norms which specific non-destructive computer network operations might be violating and investigate the legal issues of the attribution as well as to study and propose the possible remedies offered by the international law, in response to the occurrence of unlawful cyber operations.

Research Areas

Public International Law, State Responsibility, International Legal Remedies (Countermeasures, Retorsion, Sanctions, Protection by the International Courts), Use of Force, Computer Network (or Cyber) Operations.

Research Centre

Sheffield Centre for International and European Law