Calum Alasdair Young

Calum YoungUnderstanding and explaining the effects of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights on the legal framework of health policy in England and Germany


Supervisors: Professor Tamara Hervey and Dr Pablo José Castillo Ortiz


LLB (hons) Law with German, University of Sheffield (2013)
LLM European Law, Leiden University (2014)

Scope of Research

My research is an interdisciplinary analysis of the practical impacts of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Using methodological tools from political science, I am analysing whether specific rights in the Charter have caused top-down Europeanisation of the legal framework of health policy, focusing specifically on the cases of England and Germany. The research will look at: Europeanisation through judgments of the CJEU, Europeanisation through separate national litigation; and Europeanisation through the legislative process.

Research interests

Fundamental rights, EU law, health law, constitutional rights

Research Clusters

Sheffield Centre for International and European Law (SCIEL)
EU Law discussion Group
Human Rights Forum


Hervey, Young, (eds), (forthcoming), European Union Health Law and Policy: the state of the art and direction of travel. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham


EU law