Morgan Shimwell

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Supervisors: Professor Tamara Hervey, Dr Amanda Warren-Jones, Professor John Haycock (Department of Bioengineering)

Title: A Legal and Sociological Study of the Limitations of Supply-Side Laws as the European Response to Global Trade in Falsified Medical Technologies'


LLM (Distinction) European Health Law and Policy, University of Sheffield
LLB (Hons), University of Sheffield

Scope of Research

My research engages with the current regulatory systems, developed at an international, regional and domestic level, to deal with the problem of falsified health technologies. I aim to scrutinise the current and future supply-side interventions with a view to evaluating their effectiveness in tackling the threats to health posed to the consumers of fake medicines. However, I am more interested in taking a holistic view of the phenomena of falsified medicines, in particular questioning the opportunities created for falsification by the (Western) societal demand for health technologies and treatments.

I plan to use the sociological theories of medicalisation and pharmaceuticalisation to understand and explain the influence of medicine and, in particular, pharmaceuticals over our society. I believe that only with a sufficient understanding of this often forgotten (or, possibly, ignored) ‘other side’ of the problem will effective regulatory action be possible.

Research Areas and Interests

European health law; health regulation and policy; principles of healthcare; regulatory theory; medical sociology; biopower and biopolitics; legal theory.


Introduction to Legal Process
Principles of Healthcare Law and Ethics

Interdisciplinary Networks

The Construction of Human Perfection: Cross-Disciplinary Issues in the Achievement of Enhanced Functionality and Beauty from Technology and Surgery