Stephen Lea


Research Title: To what extent have intuitively held assumptions about the relationship between transparency and legitimacy, in the context of European Union governance, been misplaced?

Supervisors: Dr Paul James Cardwell and Dr Richard Kirkham


LLB (ELS) Hons, University of Hull, LL.M (Distinction) European Public Law, University of Hull

Scope of Research

My research interests concern predominantly the concept of transparency as it has been adopted and advanced within the legal order of the European Union. I am keen to understand whether transparency is capable of living up to the claims that are advanced in its name in terms of the constitutional governance of the Union, focussing upon the claims that are made about the relationship between transparency and legitimacy. I seek also to question whether the attitudes adopted by administrative/executive EU actors have promoted a degree of blindness towards the actual operational characteristics, capacities and shortcomings of the Union’s transparency measures.

Research Areas

Transparency; Administration; European Public Law; Governance; Jurisprudence; Constitutional & Administrative Theory

Research Centre

Sheffield Centre for International and European Law (SCIEL)


• European Union Law
• Understanding Law I
• Administrative Law and Justice (Advanced)

Conference Papers & Presentations

Mixity and the competence debate: reappraising the Common Commercial Policy after Lisbon, ‘After Lisbon: The Future of European Law and Policy’, University of Birmingham 24-25 June 2010.