Stephen PerrinStephen Perrin


Thesis title: Copyright Infringement in the UK Film Industry: An examination of counter-measures viewed through the lens of classic Fabian Strategy.

Supervisors: Professor Robert Burrell and Dr Mark Brown


For the past 35 years I have held a number of senior management positions within the UK and international film industries. Domains range from studio distribution, worldwide data gathering and analysis, working with the UK Film Council on strategies aimed at widening consumer interest in film and cinema and, most recently, developing financial, legal and operational strategies to manage the roll-out of digital cinema projection equipment within the independent cinema sector. I have spoken extensively about the subject of Digital Cinema at conferences throughout the world and have chaired a number of industry conferences in the UK and across Europe. During the 1990’s I researched and wrote a PhD thesis on the psychology of decision-making within the film industry, with a focus on production. This research, too, was conducted with the University of Sheffield.

Scope of Research

This thesis adopts a qualitative approach to the examination industry related copyright infringement issues, including: potential revenue losses; legal and operational strategies adopted by the industry designed to stem unauthorised consumption; the viewpoints of organisations opposed to current industry led legal actions; and, whether film creativity and cinema culture are adversely affected by unauthorised film consumption. The thesis suggests that infringing activities and industry counter measures may usefully be seen as mutually disruptive actions and fit a classic Fabian Strategy model. A UK-centric focus is adopted, though illuminated by a number of international experiences and comparisons.

Research Areas of Interest

• Technical developments within the film industry
• Audience and diversity development strategies
• Copyright infringement and industry perceptions
• Film finance strategies
• Cinema development business models


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Stephen Perrin and Christopher Spencer (1981): Independence or conformity in the Asch experiment as a reflection of cultural and situational factors. British Journal of Social Psychology. 20(3) 205-210.


I have received a number of industry awards and in 2015 I was awarded an MBE for Services to the Cinema Industry.