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Our main areas of research

Centre for Criminological Research

Criminology and criminal justice; Desistance; The informal economy; Comparative criminal justice; Restorative justice; Sentencing; Youth, crime and the criminal justice system; Gender, crime and criminal justice; Internet crime; Media and crime; Victimology and victimisation; Community penalties and offender management; Policing and police custody; Policing drugs and drugs policy; Prisons and penal policy; Penal history and theory; Colonial and post-colonial law and justice.

Sheffield Institute of Corporate and Commercial Law

Many aspects of Corporate and Commercial law, including Corporate governance; Corporate social responsibility; Aspects of intellectual property including trade marks and copyright; Finance and banking; Theories of money; Law and economics; Regulation; Relational contract; E-commerce; Commercial property; Internet privacy; Financial Markets. We particularly welcome research projects which consider the impact of corporations, financial institutions and other market actors on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Sheffield Centre for International and European Law

International law; European Union law; Human rights law; The use of force in international law; International humanitarian law; International criminal law; Refugee and migration law; Law of international organisations; International legal theory; United Nations law; Cyber security; EU foreign, security and defence policies; International economic law; Transnational corporations and social responsibility; Private security and military companies; Fragile and post conflict states.

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