Examples of expertise

Photo of Professor Sarah BlandySarah Blandy

Sarah Blandy is a leading socio-legal property law scholar, with a particular interest in collective and individual property rights. Her research is interdisciplinary and empirical, focusing on spatial aspects of real property law including gated communities, multi-owned housing developments, and the urban public realm. She convenes a research group, Shaping Our Public / Private Space (ShOPPS) with members from the departments of Architecture, Landscape and Planning at the university of Sheffield, which investigates the privatisation of public space. ShOPPS held a two day workshop in April 2014 'Integrating interests: future-proofing city centre retail economies', at which speakers from academic, public, private and third sectors outlined their views and provoked discussions amongst over one hundred delegates. In October 2014 Sarah organised a two day workshop on 'Co-ops and Commons' attended by invited international speakers.

Photo of Carolyn Shelbourn, Senior Lecturer

Carolyn Shelbourne

Carolyn Shelbourn has a particular interest in law relating to the protection of cultural heritage, particularly comparing English and US law and practice, and she has published widely in this area. Her research is currently focused on the law and ethics of burial archaeology, including research on the ancient dead and display of the ancient dead in museum collections. Her work on prosecuting heritage crime considered ways in which the full impact of damage to heritage interest could be taken into account in sentencing, and she has worked with English Heritage in preparation of Sentencing Guidance for magistrates.

Photo of Dr Richard KirkhamRichard Kirkham

Richard Kirkham has been researching on adminsitrative justice isues for over ten years, with a particualr focus on the work of the ombudsman community. He has worked with several members of the Ombudsman Association, influencing policy development and arguing for a more radical and powerful role for the ombudsman office. As well as writing and speaking extensively on the topic, Richard was commisioned to work on an External Evaluation of the LGO (2013), a report which was consider by a Parliamentary Select Committee, write a Parliamentary Paper for the office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman on its 50th anniversary, The Parliamentary Ombudsman: Withstanding the test of time, HC 421 (2006-07), and write a review of the Gibraltar Ombudsman in 2013, The Gibraltar Public Services Ombudsman: A Model for the Future (2013).