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EU Discussion Group

We will be holding a series of interdisciplinary discussions throughout this academic year. The group welcomes anyone with an interest in the EU in disciplines such as law, politics, sociology and economics although people in other departments are welcome as well.

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Previous Discussions

Wednesday 6 February 2013
Room AG14, Bartolome House.

Provisional title: European civil integration: the five representations of European citizenship publicly communicated by the European Commission 1951‐2012

Stefanie Pukallus (PhD University of Sheffield) is a junior researcher at the Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM) at the University of Sheffield. Her doctoral thesis analysed the representations of European citizenship that were publicly communicated by the European Commission 1951‐2012. She holds a BA in ‘Administration et affaires internationales’ from the Université Paris XII, a MA in ‘Sciences de l’information et de la communication: communication d’entreprise’ from the Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III and a ‘MA Communication publique et politique en France et en Europe’ from the Université Paris XII.

Wednesday 12 December 2012
Elmfield, Room EF-SR G19

'Roma and EU citizenship'

Led by Dr Owen Parker, Department of Politics, University of Sheffield

Wednesday 9 May 2012
1 till 2pm in the Board Room
School of Law
Bartolome House

'EU accession to the ECHR: State of Play'

Professor Aurora Plomer, School of Law University of Sheffield

Professor Plomer has recently written on this very topic for the Matrix Chambers blog

Read the Blog and join the discussion.

Wednesday 14 December 2011
12 till 1pm in the Board Room
School of Law
Bartolome House

'EU migration and asylum policy towards Eastern Europe' 

Michal Tudorowski PhD student at the Politics department.

Abstract: The paper analyses EU international impact based on the external effects of macro- (outlining general aims and instruments of relations) and meso-policies (built upon sectoral modes of interaction). Whereas macro-policies are grounded on top-level intergovernmental relations between EU member states and third countries, meso-policies reflect decentralized external effects of sectoral integration. Both of them produce own dynamics and intersect. This dual policy structure defines the scope of EU external action and contextualizes multi-level modes of governance (hierarchy, market, network) through which the EU expands its rules and institutions.

The analysis looks at how EU migration and asylum policy has structured political and institutional developments in EU external migratory environment. Taking examples of Poland (prior EU accession) and Ukraine (following EU Eastern enlargement), the paper, while recognising different kinds of dynamics in each of these periods (intergovernmental relations and enlargement policy towards Poland in pre-accession period, and EU-Ukraine relations built on broader political frameworks, such as ENP and GAM), conceptualises the parameters and dynamics of EU external action on asylum in Central and Eastern Europe and the way it has developed and changed over the last 20 years.

Wednesday 26 October 2011
1 till 2pm in the Board Room
School of Law
Bartolome House

The Agenda for the first meeting will be to discover common areas of interest and to identify topics for future meetings. Prior to the meeting we will circulate a paper for discussion. The first paper will be on the effects that the new powers of the Court of Justice of the EU may have on the harmonization of an EU Migration Policy. It is currently being written by Diego Acosta and Andrew Geddes