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Research Project

Doing Law beyond the State:
Research Methodologies in Comparative, EU and Public and Private International Law

What is it we "do" as lawyers, when we are looking at law ‘beyond the state’? Interest in the theoretical foundations of, and disciplinary methods within EU, comparative and international legal scholarship (both public and private) is on the rise. Practitioners and academics alike are pausing to think more about what it is that they take for granted, and what they might be able to do with law if they challenged what was taken as given within their respective (sub-)disciplines.
We seek to take up this challenge in the context of a set of questions on the challenge of studying law beyond the state:

  • What, if anything is unique about studying, researching or simply understanding law in that context?
  • What unites these fields, if anything?
  • What are the particular methodological difficulties common to all of us who study law beyond the state, and what do they tell us about legal method per se?

At a scoping workshop we will bring together established and early career researchers to begin to answer these questions.

Scoping Workshop

University of Sheffield | Friday 18 and Saturday 19 January 2013 |

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