Global Justice and Sustainable Development
Two-day research seminar to consider the role of international law in the achievement of global justice
26 - 27th August 2009 Sheffield, UK

The International Law Association (ILA) and Sheffield School of Lawlead by Professor Duncan French, co-rapporteur of the ILA Committee on International Law on Sustainable Development,  hosted a 2-day research seminar on global justice and sustainable development at the School of Law, University of Sheffield, UK. This seminar was partially funded by the Modern Law Review.

Conference Synopsis

It is widely accepted that the current international legal framework on sustainable development has, at its core, an innate belief in justice, both instrumentally as the normative outcome of the general application of law and, more specifically, as the attainment of fairness within and between generations.

As the International Law Association´s influential 2002 New Delhi Declaration of Principles of International Law relating to Sustainable Development aptly notes, `The principle of equity is central to the attainment of sustainable development. It refers to both inter-generational equity (the right of future generations to enjoy a fair level of the common patrimony) and intra-generational equity (the right of all peoples within the current generation of fair access to the current generation´s entitlement to the Earth´s natural resources)'.


The seminar, formally designated a working session of the International Law Association Committee on International Law on Sustainable Development, is open to all individuals interested in the issues. Research students are actively encouraged to participate.
30 papers were presented over the course of the two day seminars in 10 sessions covering topics including:

  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  • International Trade and Investment
  • International Environmental Law
  • Stakeholders and Participation
  • National and Regional Approaches
  • Global Justice and Water Resources
  • Disparate Challenges
  • Inchoate solutions in a Globalised World
  • Realigning Economic Justice

The Keynote Speaker was Professor Paul Mosley of The University of Sheffield´s Economics Department who will be presenting a paper entitled 'The role of international financial institutions in supporting the rule of law and economic development in failing States'.