'Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties: Law, Principles, and Policy'

ILA British Branch Seminar by Dr Marko Milanovic, University of Nottingham.

12 December 2012
Moot Court, School of Law, Bartolome House, S3 7ND


The seminar will deal with the application of human rights treaties outside the sovereign territory of a state, which raises extremely politically and legally sensitive issues, leading to much confusion, ambiguity and compromise in the existing case law. Consider, by way of example, the use of drones by the United States in Yemen or the application of the ECHR to the UK occupation of Iraq. The talk will attempt to clear up some of this confusion and expose its real roots, and in doing so elaborate on the several possible models of the extraterritorial application of these treaties.

Human Rights Forum Launch

Following the seminar everone is welcome to stay for the launch of the Human Rights Forum.

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