Research Projects

These are some of our current and recent research projects.

Thumbnail of project imageCommunal Property Research Network

This project will establish a research network between UK and Chinese scholars with mutual research interests in communal property and community governance of land and natural resources, exploring the lessons each can learn from the other about the developing role of communal property in these four areas.

Photo of Modern prison block"Good" police custody? Theorizing the "is" and the "ought"

This will be one of the first studies to rigorously examine ‘good’ police custody and to map out changes to police custody arrangements on a national basis. A key aim of the research is examine how civilianization and privatization, through the contracting out of police custody to the private sector, has impacted on things like occupational culture(s), power, fairness, justice, emotions and relationships, cost, governance and accountability.

Photo of Thatcher's Face painted on a brick wallThe Long-term Impacts of 'Thatcherism': Crime, Politics and Inequality

This project explores the social, economic and cultural impacts of Thatcherite public policy on contemporary UK society, especially as it relates to crime and justice. The project has received funding from the ESRC three times and the BA once. The most recent tranche of funding runs for three years from April 2017 and has a total value of approximately £611,000. It is led by Professor Stephen Farrall and Dr Emily Gray.

Bartolome HouseDevolving Probation Services: An ethnographic study of the implementation of the 'Transforming Rehabilitation' agenda

Dr Gwen Robinson recently worked with researchers from Liverpool John Moores University on a project which tracked the changes resulting from devolution of probation services, a development which was announced by the government in autumn 2013 for implementation in spring 2014.