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Armstrong, Ms Grace Engagement Officer 26899
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Bacon, Dr Matthew Lecturer in Criminology 26828
Beedham, Miss Sarah Research Support Officer 26815
Behan, Dr Cormac Lecturer in Criminology 26715
Belshaw, Ms Julia LPC Lecturer 26803
Benbow, Mr David Teaching Associate in Medical Law 26709
Bendel, Dr Justine Lecturer in French Law 26766
Bishop, Mrs Louise Student Experience Officer 26882
Blandy, Professor Sarah Professor 26776
Bradley, Mrs Julie Finance Officer 26710
Braid, Mr Gareth Learning Technologist 26787
Bramley, Mr Gareth University Teacher in LPC 26711
Brown, Ms Gillian School Manager 26758
Brown, Dr Mark Senior Lecturer 26716
Buchan, Dr Russell Senior Lecturer 26769
Burrell, Professor Robert Chair in Law 26719
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Callaghan, Mr Andrew LPC Senior Lecturer 26738
Campbell-Pilling, Mrs Katharine LPC Lecturer 26887
Castillo Ortiz, Dr Pablo Lecturer in Law 26854
Chen, Dr Ding Senior Lecturer in Corporate and Commercial Law 26734
Chico, Dr Victoria Lecturer in Law 26707
Copley, Ms Jill PA to Head of School 26846
Cullen, Dr James Reader in Banking Law and Financial Regulation 26856
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Davies, Miss Fiona Professional Services Intern 26752
Depledge, Miss Ann IT and Tel Assistant 26806
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Farrall, Professor Stephen Professor of Criminology 26718
Fernandez de la Mora Hernandez, Mr Alvaro Teaching Associate in Company Law 26753
Firth, Mrs Clare LPC Lecturer 26814
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Gee, Professor Graham Chair in Public Law 26869
Gibb, Miss Chloe Communications and External Engagement Officer 26841
Glover, Mrs Louise University Teacher 26833
Gonzalez Salzberg, Mr Damian Lecturer in Law 26767
Gray, Dr Emily Research Associate 26789
H Back to the top
Hatton, Miss Paula LPC Lecturer 26802
Hayes, Dr David Lecturer 26778
Hervey, Professor Tamara Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law 26723
Hutchens, Mrs Gillian Law Clinic Co-Ordinator 26880
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Jacklin, Miss Nicola Recruitment and Events Officer 26857
Jefferson, Mr Michael Senior Lecturer 26703
Job, Mrs Abigail Operations Assistant 26866
Johnston, Professor Andrew Chair in Law / Professor of Company Law 26811
Jones, Dr Philip Research Associate 26862
Jow, Miss Emily Finance Assistant 26877
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Kebbell, Dr Sarah Teaching Associate in Company Law 26827
Kirkham, Dr Richard Senior Lecturer 26704
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Laidlaw, Ms Pauline LPC Senior Lecturer 26819
Lambarth, Mr Mike Lecturer in Legal Practice 26845
Lee, Dr Yin Harn Lecturer 26861
M Back to the top
Marshall, Mrs Emma Lecturer in Legal Practice 26850
McKevitt, Ms Tina University Teacher 26794
McVeigh, Mr James Student Experience Officer (Exams and assessment) 26782
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Ni Ghrainne, Dr Brid Lecturer in Law 26867
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Odell, Mr Peter Teaching Fellow 26785
Ollerenshaw Grundy, Mrs Zoe Senior Lecturer 26765
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Percival, Professor Richard Chair in Criminal Law and Practice 26848
Pletz, Ms Stefanie Lecturer in German Law 26840
Prescott, Mrs Julie Senior Student Experience Officer 26706
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Quinlan, Ms Tara Lai Lecturer in Law and Diversity 26864
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Raby, Mrs Helen Lecturer 26870
Rice, Dr Lindsey Lecturer in Criminology 26851
Robinson, Dr Gwen Senior Lecturer 26863
Robson-Burrell, Ms Sarah LPC Lecturer 26705
Ruehmkorf, Dr Andreas Lecturer 26701
Russell, Mrs Penelope LPC Lecturer 26873
S Back to the top
Samanta, Dr Navajyoti Lecturer in Corporate and Commercial Law 26838
Seymour, Mrs Jennifer Teaching Associate in Professional Legal 26714
Shapland, Professor Joanna Professor 26712
Sharpe, Dr Gillian Lecturer 26079
Skinns, Dr Layla Lecturer 26775
Smart, Miss Ruth Student Experience Officer 26883
Smith, Mrs Tricia Learning and Teaching Quality Advisor 26858
Sorsby, Dr Angela Lecturer in Criminology 26809
Steiner, Ms Katherine LPC Lecturer 26722
Streets, Miss Eve Student Experience Assistant 26804
Strumia, Dr Francesca Senior Lecturer 26865
Symonds, Mrs Steph Student Experience Officer 26759
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Thompson, Dr David Lecturer 26849
Tomczak, Dr Philippa Research Associate 26793
Tomlinson, Mr Joseph Lecturer in Public Law 26831
Tsagourias, Professor Nicholas Chair in Law 26805
Tsarapatsanis, Dr Dimitrios Lecturer in Law 26835
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Upson, Mrs Joan University Teacher 26768
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van der Schee, Miss Sanne Student Experience Assistant 26821
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Wang, Dr Wenge Marie Curie Global Fellow 26881
Watts, Miss Beckie Marketing and Recruitment Officer 26837
White, Dr Adam Research Fellow 26813
Windle, Mrs Stephanie Student Experience Manager 26847
Wykes, Dr Maggie Lecturer 26823
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Xu, Dr Ting Senior Lecturer 26860
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Zhang, Mr Tietie Lecturer 26717