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Katie Steiner

Position: LPC Lecturer
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Telephone: +44 (0)114 222 6722
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Academic Profile

I have taught at the University of Sheffield since 1997. I currently have a .4 contract with the University of Sheffield.

I qualified as a solicitor in 1986. I did my articles in a small general practice and since 1987 I have specialised in the area of criminal litigation. I worked for a specialist practice in London (Saunders and Co) until 1995 when I relocated to Sheffield. Since May 2000 I have worked at Howells LLP in Sheffield 2 days a week as a criminal litigator. I conduct criminal cases from start to finish (police station advice through to trial in the magistrates court or committal to the crown court for trial)


  • LLB 2:1 from University of London
  • Solicitors Finals: College of Law London

Teaching and Learning

My teaching is focused mainly on the LPC course; however I also teach at undergraduate level and on the GDL.

The emphasis at Sheffield on the LPC is on learning by doing. Most of the time spent in teaching sessions will require the student to put their legal skills and knowledge into practice in a series of practical tasks and activities. Teaching on the LPC is in workshop sessions in groups of up to 18. Typically the students are split into small groups of 3 to 4 and are asked to undertake such tasks as brain-storming, team-working, problem-solving, role-playing and presenting. We believe that this ensures that the student achieves the requisite knowledge and understanding to be able to do the job of a day one trainee.

It is important that in these sessions the client is placed at the centre of the problem, understand the client's concerns and provide practical solutions.

The modules I teach are:

Legal Practice GDL Undergraduate
Litigation and Advocacy Crime (Convenor) Criminal Law
Professional Conduct Criminal Evidence
Practical Legal Research
Interviewing and Advising
Advanced Criminal Litigation (Convenor)