Photo of Trevor PughMr Trevor Pugh

Trevor Pugh is a Managing Director and head of Sterling Trading at HSBC, a position he has held since December 2014. He previously worked at Barclays Capital from 1995 to 2013 where he ran the Gilt trading desk (UK Government bonds). Trevor traded at Barclays for 18 years with experience in both US Treasury Bond trading and, since 2000, in Gilts. In this role he gained extensive knowledge of bond and repo markets, auction and syndication processes, real-time market reaction to data and events, electronic trading, derivatives and futures markets. The role also requires considerable knowledge of compliance and regulatory issues as well as considerable people management skills. In addition there is the need to manage balance sheets of several billion pounds and turnover in excess of £10bn every week. Trevor has also travelled extensively in order to meet clients in the US, Asia and Europe and is familiar with a diverse client base and their needs from Pension Funds and Insurers to Central Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Hedge Funds.

Trevor was educated at Cambridge where he graduated with a BA in Law in 1993. This was followed by a Diploma in Business Studies from the UCD Smurfit Graduate School of Business in 1994 and a Masters in Business Studies specialising in Financial Services. The thesis representing the final third of the Master’s Degree was submitted in December 2013 to complete the Master’s Degree. The thesis is an examination of Modern Monetary Theory and its application to policies of Fiscal Austerity and Quantitative Easing.

In September 2013 Trevor was appointed Advanced Visiting Fellow at the School of Law at Sheffield University until the end of 2015. In that capacity he will engage in research into critiques of neoclassical economics and their implications for policy and regulation, with particular emphasis on the role of money and debt in the economy. He will also be developing some of the issues raised in his Master’s degree thesis.