John-Paul Rooney

Dr John-Paul Rooney


Dr. John-Paul Rooney is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Sheffield, School of Law. He earned an Engineering Degree at the University of Leeds, and a PhD in High-Frequency Electronics, again from the University of Leeds. John-Paul is now a qualified European and UK Patent Attorney, and partner at Withers & Rogers LLP, one of the largest firms of patent attorneys in the UK.

He is the author of articles on various topics related to intellectual property, and more particularly patents, which have been published by The Telegraph, The Guardian, Yahoo! and others, including the South China Morning Post. John-Paul regularly speaks internationally on subjects of interest to those working with patents, and is a member of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI).

John-Paul advises some of the world's most innovative technology companies and universities and helps them to protect and use their intellectual property. Additionally, he supports Professor Robert Burrell in research and teaching in relation to patents.