Ivan SalvadoriIvan Salvadori

Email: ivan.salvadori@univr.it

Dr. Ivan Salvadori is a Visiting Scholar at the University of Sheffield, School of Law. He earned a Law Degree at the University of Trento (Italy), a Master in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences and a Master in university teaching at the University of Barcelona (Spain), and a doctoral decree (Doctor Europaeus) in Criminal Law and new Technologies at the University of Verona (Italy), where he is research associate and assistant professor for Criminal Law and Cyber Law. He was also employed as assistant professor of Criminal Law at the University of Barcelona/School of Law (2011-2013) and at the University Oberta de Catalunya (Spain).

He is the author of articles and papers on various topics in cybercrime, European and Comparative Criminal Law. He has spoken at numerous events in Italy and abroad and has been invited to a number of conferences and to present seminars in different EU countries, in Colombia and Chile. His current research project, carried out at the Centre for European and International Law, is focused on the impact of the European Law on the harmonization and approximation of the substantial criminal law of the EU Member States in the areas of serious crime with a cross-border dimension, with special regard to the cybercrime and the sexual exploitation of children. The aim of the project is to analyse the new forms of criminalization provided by the new EU directives in the mentioned fields, leading EU Member States to criminalize acts preparatory to the commission of a crime.

Reseach Interests:

  • European Criminal Law and Comparative Criminal Law
  • Criminal Law theory
  • Cybercrime and data protection
  • Legal responses to child pornography and grooming

He will be working mainly with Dr. Russell Buchan who shares some of his research interests.