Personal support unit

The School of Law works in partnership with the Personal Support Unit at the Sheffield Combined Court Centre.

Are you going to court on your own? Or just need some extra help?

The PSU at Sheffield Combined Court Centre supports unrepresented litigants, inexperienced court users, witnesses, and family members.

Our service is free, independent and confidential.

We do not provide legal advice, but we can usually help at every stage of the court process.

The PSU provide support to unrepresented litigants, inexperienced court users, witnesses and family members.

The support offered is very varied, consisting of practical information, help with filling forms and sorting papers, going into court with litigants and taking notes of the proceedings, help around the building and providing a listening ear to people who may be in a stressful situation.

Although the PSU does not provide legal advice, they can usually provide help to litigants at every stage of the court process. The PSU currently take student volunteers from the School of Law to take part in the project.

Full training is provided by the PSU and students are required to give twenty days over the academic year to the project. Taking part in the project is an excellent way of helping the local community and familiarising yourself with county court and family court procedures and a great opportunity to meet with members of the legal profession.