Royal Hallamshire Hospital Medical School & Health Sciences Library


Royal Hallamshire Hospital is home to The Medical School and the Health Sciences Library (HSL). The Medical School offers many places for study. Alongside the Health Sciences Library, there is also a cafe and social area, as well as a computer room.

PC availability

Opening hours


Individual work

The Health Science Library offers over 22 spaces for distraction free study. These spaces focus on individual workspaces without conversations and other distractions.

Facilities Seats Location
Individual study desks with power sockets and dividers 20 HSL Room C16g
Reading chairs with power socket 2 HSL Room C16g

Facilities Seats Location
Two sets of hexagonal tables, round study table for four. One sofa and one plasma screen. 22 Dr. David Ryan room
Two sets of hexagonal tables and one plasma screen. 12 Group study room C16e
Round tables for four with chairs. 8 HSL

Meet and discuss

These spaces focus on small group meetings, formal or more informal.

Facilities Seats Location
Leather chairs with coffee table 4 HSL
Sofa, chairs and table 7 HSL
Sofas around coffee table for six 12 HSL lobby
Soft chairs around high table for four 20 HSL lobby
Soft chairs around low table for four 12 HSL lobby
Soft chairs around low table for two 6 HSL lobby
High bar 8 Cafe 1828
Tables for four 16 Cafe 1828
Tables for three 9 Cafe 1828
Tables for two 4 Cafe 1828
Sofas around coffee tables 12 Medical School lobby

General study

General study areas provide individual working spaces. You can talk in these spaces, so if you like to work alongside other people these are the spaces for you.

Facilities Seats Location
Desk with dividers and power sockets 9 HSL
Desks with dividers, PCs and power sockets 10 HSL
Desks with PCs and power sockets 20 HSL
Desks with power sockets 17 HSL
Study desks 16 HSL
Study desks with power and dividers 5 HSL
Study bar with PCs 4 HSL lobby
Study bar 4 HSL lobby


The computing lab in the Medical School can be used for individual study when it is not used for teaching.

Facilities Seats Location
 Large desk with fold-away PCs 16 C15 - seminar room 10

Printing and copying

For more information about printing services, visit the student printing page.

Facilities Seats Location
Flatbed scanner with PC 1 HSL
Print/Copy/Scan HSL business unit

Support services
Services Location
Library services HSL entrance
Specialist study facilities
Facilities Seats Location
Height adjustable desk with PC and assistive software 1 HSL
Height adjustable desk with PC, assistive software and text magnifier 1 HSL
TV with DVD player 1 HSL
Desks with NHS PCs 6 HSL
Walk up access desk 1 HSL