About LeTS

The purpose of LeTS is to work collaboratively with staff and students to ensure that learning and teaching is of a high quality, thereby inspiring and enabling our students to achieve their full academic potential.

To achieve this we:

  • stimulate, support and share innovative practice;
  • undertake project based work to achieve the goals set out in the Learning & Teaching Strategy of the University;
  • provide accredited initial and continuing professional development for staff and students who teach and/or support learning and teaching;
  • ensure that there are clear policies for learning and teaching and provide guidance in working to these requirements;
  • support the development and approval of new programmes and modules;
  • oversee annual and periodic review activities;
  • support and report on institution level surveys of student satisfaction.

Learning and Teaching Services cover 4 inter-related areas:

  • Learning and Teaching Development
  • Quality Management of Learning and Teaching
  • Professional Development in Learning and Teaching
  • Governance relating to Learning and Teaching

Staff profiles and contact details are here