Angela Marron

Position:  Quality Management Adviser
Tel:  +44 (0)114 2221751

I work with colleagues in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and the Learning and Teaching Development Manager in LeTS, to support core learning and teaching activities.

Current Activities
1. Managing the programme approvals process (including changes to current programmes);

2. Managing new module approvals in conjunction with the Assistant Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching;

3. Managing the annual review of programme regulations and Key Information Set (KIS) data submission;

4. Support for and/or membership of the following Faculty committees and groups: Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee, Faculty Postgraduate Committee, Faculty Student-Staff Committee, Programme Approvals Sub-Group and Faculty Resources and Operations Group.
This includes preparing agendas and papers, feeding back information to relevant parties and contributing to discussions around topics of learning and teaching where appropriate.

5. Working with Faculty colleagues on the learning and teaching priority of increasing student representation and engagement across the Faculty.

6. Oversight of the External Examiner related work in LeTS. This includes ensuring that the Code of Practice is up to date and responding to any external changes in relation to policy and practice.

7. Contributing towards the review of quality assurance processes in LeTS as appropriate throughout the session.