Recordings from the conference are available below:

Introduction. Prof. Paul White (Pro-Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching)

Session 3. Black and white and read all over: The case of undergraduate research, risk and ethical review

Session 5. Working in managed projects: A graduate employability skill

Session 9. 'The experience and outcomes of anti-racist social work education' and 'Feedback for project level students: Ensuring all students get good feedback'

Session 14. 'Bringing World News Home: Internationalising Journalism Studies in Sheffield' and 'Global Engineering Challenge one year on: How it went and plans for this year'

Session 17. From Diversity to Convergence: Introducing Students to Higher Education

Session 18. Student integration in the learning and teaching Environment: A SALT research project

Session 21. Presentation a. Solve quadratic equations or visit worlds of fantasy //

Session 21. Presentation b. The social network: Using student societies to develop communities of learning

Session 22. 'What's faith got to do with us?' and 'Do we teach who we are?'

Session 23. Widening participation in policy and practice

Closing Plenary.

Final Remarks. Prof. Paul White (Pro-Vice Chancellor for Learning and Teaching)