Eighth Annual Learning and Teaching Conference - "Digital Possibilities: Inspiring Learning Through Technology"

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Students' Union Building, University of Sheffield

L&T Conference 2013 (4)

"Universities have long been regarded as centres of innovation, from leading cutting-edge research to exploring new approaches in learning and teaching. However, recent advancements in technology mean that many of our students are already accustomed to using the internet, videos and social media to interact with their world at a time, place and pace that suits them before they arrive at university. At Sheffield, we want to ensure that the teaching methods we use, whether face-to-face or digital, are designed to meet the learning needs of our diverse group of students. The use of technology does not have to be complex or onerous. From clickers, podcasts and online peer feedback to MOOCs and iTunesU, staff across the University are already deploying digital tools in their teaching. The theme for this year’s Learning and Teaching Conference – ‘Digital Possibilities’ – provides an opportunity for us to reflect on how we can use technology to support student learning. Today’s sessions will look at how digital approaches can enhance teaching activities, support effective assessment and feedback, further peer collaboration among students and facilitate learning outside the classroom. However, a key element of our discussions today will be to consider how technology can be used alongside face-to-face methods to add value to our existing approaches, rather than replacing them. Exploring how to integrate digital technologies into the design of our teaching encourages us to reflect on what we do, why we do it, and how we could have a greater impact on our students’ learning. Asking these challenging questions will help us to provide the best learning experience we can for our students."

Professor Paul White, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching

Conference Blog

The conference blog containing recordings, photos and presentations from the event is now live here.
You can join in the discussion by using the comments box under each session and by using the Twitter hashtag #sltc14.

Conference Feedback

Overall, feedback from the event was very positive. You can download a full report of the feedback here.

For further information about this event, please contact Sarah Moore (sarah.moore@sheffield.ac.uk) in the Professional Development Team for Learning and Teaching.