Ninth Annual Learning and Teaching Conference - "Developing Student Learning Beyond Knowledge Acquisition"

Tuesday 6 January 2015Learning and Teaching Conference 2014 (1)

Students' Union Building, University of Sheffield

"Higher Education institutions play a unique role in supporting student learning - they not only provide a forum for the discovery and creation of new ideas, concepts and forms of knowledge, but they also enable students to develop skills, values and behaviours that will be of value beyond their graduation. In today's uncertain economic environment, our University is more determined than ever to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the skills and approaches they need for employment, enterprise or further study in a globalised world, as expressed in our Sheffield Graduate attributes. This might include developing:

  • core practice competences required to carry out particular tasks in a vocational setting
  • transferable skills such as team working, critical thinking, digital literacy and independent planning that are key to any workplace
  • academic techniques for example around information literacy, revision planning and effective note-taking
  • ways of critically evaluating their own approach to studying in their discipline in order to become more effective learners
  • expertise in working across disciplinary and professional boundaries.

Our interdisciplinary Achieve More initiative, which all faculties have begun to implement from September 2014, is one of the ways in which we are supporting student development strategically across the University. However, many departments and services already use a wide range of innovative and creative approaches both within the curricula and more broadly to encourage students to utilise their subject knowledge and build up relevant disciplinary and generic skills. As teachers and supporters of learning, we need to consider our role in facilitating skills development beyond knowledge acquisition to enable students to apply what they've learned to new settings, new experiences and new challenges."

Professor Anne Peat, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning & Teaching

Conference blog

The conference blog containing photos and presentations from the event is now live here. You can join in the discussion by using the comments box under each session and by using the Twitter hashtag #sltc15.

Conference Feedback

Overall, the feedback from the conference was very positive. You can download the feedback report from here.

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