Celebrating Success in Learning and Teaching

Thursday 7 January 2016, Students' Union Building

Programme Outline

“As places of innovation and creativity, Higher Education institutions are continuously finding new ways to enhance the learning and teaching of our students. The University of Sheffield exemplifies this openness to development, for example by adapting modules and teaching methods to foster greater student engagement, embracing the role of technology in enabling new forms of learning, and promoting the growth of interdisciplinary learning and teaching. Our internationally-recognised research continues to shape teaching in new and exciting ways, while we also bring a range of academic, employability and cultural benefits to students through increased international and practical experience.

This tenth annual Learning and Teaching Conference gives us the opportunity to celebrate and explore such developments through five distinct, but closely related areas of discussion:

  • Fostering greater student engagement through innovative teaching methods and involving students in curriculum design
  • Adopting an interdisciplinary approach to offer a diverse and holistic learning experience
  • Providing students with practical experience and international awareness to develop skills for a global workplace
  • Incorporating the University’s excellent research into our learning and teaching methods
  • Creating an engaging and inclusive environment to enable effective learning.

This year not only marks the tenth annual Learning and Teaching Conference, but also coincides with the development of the University’s new Learning and Teaching Strategy, setting out our core priorities and goals for the next five years. As the new Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching, this conference gives me an important opportunity to reflect on learning and teaching at The University of Sheffield, celebrate what has already been achieved with you, and look forward to how we might build on this in the coming years.”

Professor Wyn Morgan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching

9.00 Registration and coffee
9.30 Introduction
Professor Wyn Morgan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching
9.40 Update from the Learning and Teaching Strategy Consultation Events and Next Steps
Professor Wyn Morgan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching
10.00 Update on Digital Engagement
Professor Marie Kinsey and Dr Chris Stokes, Directors for Digital Learning
10.20 Q&A
10.30 Break
11.00 Parallel Sessions 1
1. Workshop (Discovery Room 3)

From epistemologies of humility to employability: Understanding the meanings and uses of engaged learning

Professor Brendan Stone (English), David Reid (Nursing and Midwifery), Dr Tim Herrick (Education), Dr Bill McDonnell (English)
2. Presentations (3) (Discovery Room 1)

a) Maths diagnostic testing and beyond

Dr Chetna Patel (Maths and Statistics Help Centre)

b) A flipped classroom module to increase student confidence in molecular bioscience calculations
Dr Rebecca Barnes (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)

c) Strategies for overcoming maths anxiety: A collaboration
Victoria Mann (English Language Teaching Centre), Ellen Marshall (301 Student Skills & Development Centre)
3. Presentations (2) (Inox Conference Suite 1)

a) Innovation in medical education: SACK, a student-led approach to promote active e-learning
Dr Guillaume Hautbergue (Neuroscience), Ladan Akbarian-Tefaghi (Student in the Medical School)

b) ‘Manager know thyself’: An interdisciplinary approach to fostering reflective learning in emergency physicians
Dr Angie Carter (Management), Dr Ian Sammy, Sarah Crede (School of Health and Related Research)
4. Presentations (2) (Inox Conference Suite 2)

a) Engaging students in research
Thanos Hatziapostolou (Computer Science, International Faculty)

b) Engineering success in research-led teaching
Gary C Wood (University of Sheffield Enterprise), Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon (Mechanical Engineering)
5. Presentations (2) (Inox Conference Suite 3)

a) Beyond interdisciplinarity: The importance of transdisciplinary learning
Dr Willy Kitchen, Dr Camilla Priede, Dr David Vessey, Dr Anthony Warde (Lifelong Learning)

b) More than the sum of their parts: New experiences of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary provision
Dr Julia Dobson (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)
6. Presentations (2) (Discovery Room 2)

a) Handing over the reins
Katie Stewart, Yvonne Illsley (Journalism Studies)

b) Introducing research software engineering, bioinformatics and cloud computing to biology undergraduate students
Michael Croucher (Sheffield Open Data Science Initiative), Dr Marta Milo (Biomedical Science)
7. Presentations (2) (Students' Union Auditorium)

a) Helping our students learn resilience: Tensions in developing stronger, more independent graduates for the workplace and the world beyond
Professor Kathryn Ecclestone (Education), Louise Knowles (University Counselling Service), Debora Green (Student Support and Wellbeing), Gabi Binnie (Students’ Union)

b) Personalising students? Education with adaptive and inclusive structures: some theory and practice
Professor Brian Whalley (Geography)
12.10 Parallel Sessions 2
8. Workshop (Discovery Room 3)

Everyone teaches, everyone learns: The mutual benefits of live pedagogy
Carolyn Butterworth, Leo Care (Architecture), Claire Tymon (Blackburn is Open – external partner), Jeff Prior (Doncaster Civic Trust – external partner), David Gibson, Jennifer Clemence (MArch Y6 students)
9. Presentations (2) (Discovery Room 1)

a) Pushing for placements: An insight into the increasing student demand for work placements
Dr Louise McInnes, Louise Cooper (Careers Service)

b) An integrated approach to practical experience in Masters-level courses
Stacey Mottershaw (Automatic Control and Systems Engineering)
10. Presentations (3) (Discovery Room 2)

a) The Neepsend Project: An interdisciplinary approach to student learning
Mel Burton (Landscape), Professor Roger Lewis (Mechanical Engineering), Dr Abigail Hathway (Civil and Structural Engineering)

b) MA Dementia Studies: A new cross-faculty interdisciplinary programme
David Reid (Nursing and Midwifery), Berni Murphy (Sociological Studies)

c) Celebrating equality and diversity at Sheffield: Interdisciplinary LGBT* Studies
Dr Minna Shkul (Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies)
11. Presentations (3) (Students' Union Auditorium)

a) What helps students to engage with the academic environment?
Samantha Linton (Student Research Assistant), Jessica Baily (Projects and Development), Emma Nagouse (Students’ Union)

b) Online learning communities: The power of the group
Chris Blackmore (School of Health and Related Research)

c) Student-led learning in the Diamond
René Meijer (Information Commons Manager)
12. Presentations (2) (Inox Conference Suite 1)

a) The wicked problem of giving feedback on wicked problems: Authentic learning and assessment
Dr Ali Riley (University of Sheffield Enterprise), Dr Alastair Buckley (Physics and Astronomy), Dr Lauren Buck (Biomedical Science)

b) Engaging + self-marking = effective learning
Kate Campbell-Pilling, Andrew Callaghan, Clare Firth, Sarah Robson-Burrell (Law)
13. Presentations (2) (Inox Conference Suite 2)

a) Using VLEs to improve research support for PGT and PGR students
Dr Nik Reeves-McLaren (Materials Science and Engineering)

b) Dead MOLEs: How Google Classroom can engage students better
David Read, Dr Nicholas Murgatroyd (English Language Teaching Centre)
14. Presentations (3) (Inox Conference Suite 3)

a) Encouraging interaction and engagement with PGT students – flipping madness
Dr Nicki Newman (Management)

b) Interteaching: A novel teaching method for enhancing student engagement and performance
Dr Fuschia Sirois (Psychology)

c) Generation Y: The visual learner. Connecting theory to comics
Aggeliki Papakonstantinou (Business Administration and Economics Department, International Faculty)
13:10 Lunch
14.00 Parallel Sessions 3
15. Workshop (Discovery Room 3)

Using an understanding of feedback processes to improve student learning
Dr Anthony Rossiter (Automatic Control and Systems Engineering), Dr Trish Murray (Faculty of Engineering), Linda Gray (Automatic Control and Systems Engineering), Pete Mella (CiCS), Dr Bryn Jones (Automatic Control and Systems Engineering), Dr Rachel Horn (Civil and Structural Engineering)
16. Presentations (2) (Inox Conference Suite 1)

a) Student conceptions of group work: Drawing the group
Pamela McKinney (Information School), Chloe Cook (Economics)

b) In search of a greater student in-class experience: Let’s not forget the whiteboard!
Chris Liassides (Academic Director of Postgraduate Studies, International Faculty)
17. Presentations (2) (Discovery Room 1)

a) The Sheffield SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) project on inclusive curriculum 2015
Dr Rachel van Duyvenbode (English)

b) Belonging to the Library: Humanising the space for education
Nora McClelland, Robin Sen, Bev Jowett (Sociological Studies)
18. Presentations (2) (Discovery Room 2)
a) Mind the gap: Tailored support for the international student
Dr Ally Lu, Dr Malcolm Tait (Urban Studies and Planning), Greg Morgan (Faculty of Social Sciences)

b) Starting your degree in China by studying the UK syllabus for 3 years, finishing your degree halfway round the world in Sheffield. Are you a “Global Chemist”?
Dr Julie Hyde (Chemistry)
19. Presentations (3) (Students' Union Auditorium)

a) Collaboration not competition: Taking a joined-up approach to student skills development
Alison Clay (Careers Service), Amy Haworth (The University Library), Amy Jeffries (301 Student Skills & Development Centre), Dr Ali Riley (University of Sheffield Enterprise)

b) It’s all about the (student) brand
Yvonne Illsley (Journalism Studies), Pippa Moyle (recent graduate of the BA in Journalism Studies)

c) Career diagnostics – proactively meeting students’ career planning needs
Annette Baxter, Gavin Smillie, Claire Brooke, Marcus Zientek (Careers Service)
20. Presentations (2) (Inox Conference Suite 2)

a) Encouraging creativity through curriculum review
Professor Claire McGourlay, Dr Richard Kirkham, Dr Mark Taylor, Gareth Braid, James Cairns (Law)

b) Small is beautiful: The BA Education, Culture and Childhood, and student engagement
Dr Tim Herrick (Education)
21. Presentations (2) (Inox Conference Suite 3)

a) Using Adobe Connect to facilitate student engagement

Andrea Fox, Jesrine Clarke-Darrington (Nursing and Midwifery)

b) New lecture approaches: Creating student-directed content live and breaking out from the lecture theatre
Aidan Hoggard, Bryony Olney (Architecture)
15.00 Break
15.15 Closing Plenary Panel
Professor Wyn Morgan (Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching)
Professor Brendan Stone (English)
Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon (Mechanical Engineering)
Minesh Parekh (Education Officer, Students' Union)
15.45 Final remarks
Professor Wyn Morgan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching
16.00 Drinks reception and networking