Learning & Teaching Conference 9 January 2012:

"Teaching Differently: New Programmes, New Delivery"

Thank you to all who attended our Learning and Teaching conference on Monday, 9 January 2012. Most of you noted many lively discussions, worthwhile concepts and possible ideas you can adapt into your teaching on your feedback forms. Recordings (for those sessions in the Auditorium), photos, PowerPoints or other presentation documents (for those sessions that used them) will be up by 20 January. Go to the conference programme webpage and click on the abstract/session that is of interest.

The University of Sheffield Learning & Teaching conference is a space to discuss good learning and teaching practice. The conference this year was designed to help you in this changing educational environment: an exciting variety of sessions where 90 colleagues presented practical teaching workshops, panels on teaching approaches to plenaries where senior academics discuss how strategy has been developed to deliver an improved student experience.

Key streams and sessions at the conference considered and demonstrated:

  • innovative clinical teaching practices
  • research-led teaching
  • setting up collaborations and civic engagement
  • how technology and creativity can make learning and teaching more effective
  • delivering postgraduate and supervision differently
  • feedback and student engagement
  • creating learning spaces
  • recruiting different types of students (international, WP, mature)
  • teaching professional/employability skills and internationally diverse cohorts

We look forward to seeing you at our conference next year (date to be published in February).

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If you would like further information, please contact: 
Nadine Wills (Conference Programme Lead: Questions about programme, Call for Papers etc.): please phone: 0114 2220428 or email  ltconf@sheffield.ac.uk
April Dawson (Conference venue and bookings): please phone: 0114 2220401 or email ltconf@sheffield.ac.uk