"Identifying what we offer: preparing students to move on"

The University's 5th annual Learning and Teaching Conference took place on Monday 10 January 2011. Thank you all who attended (around 265) and presented (around 75) to make this year such a success.


We are collecting feedback on the conference and would value your comments and suggestions.

To view photos of the event, we have created a Flickr account (which is an online photo gallery you can view and download photos from). Access these by clicking on the photo mosaic above, doing a search in Flickr for "ltconf" (under "Everyone") or clicking on the righthand "See Also" link.

Conference Theme
How do you help students and how do they help themselves prepare to become self aware and articulate the specific qualities they will need when they leave us? Do you think we should teach here in particular ways because we are a research-led institution? We will be asking employers, alumni and current students to join in this discussion.

On September 30, 2010 our Vice Chancellor Keith Burnett sent University staff an email where he gave us his answer, "We need to work even harder on employability, supporting our excellent new graduates in the development of crucial skills in one of the most challenging employment markets we have seen for decades. Questions of teaching quality, assessment, and the interactions between teaching and research will continue to be high on our agenda." This came just as our PVC for Learning and Teaching Professor Paul White began to hold consultations across the University about the new Learning and Teaching Assessment Strategy (LTAS), the University's agreed teaching objectives for the next 5 years. Our 5th Learning and Teaching Conference will be a place for you to consider how everyday life in the University ties into broader strategy and why this matters.

The aim of this conference was to enable staff to consider common problems, explore experiences of teaching and come together to think about "how my solutions can be adapted to address the challenges you and (your) students face."

Conference Programme
The Conference Programme is still available to browse through on the web via the top right hand link. Or, you can download and print all the abstracts (10 pages) or a simpler 1 page programme (both in Word) by clicking on the bottom right hand links.

Conference Team
For any further feedback or queries, please contact the conference team as below or our general contact address and it will be forwarded onto us as appropriate:

  • Nadine Wills (Lead, feedback, programme, publicity, overall organisation) n.wills@sheffield.ac.uk, tel. 0114 222 0428
  • Luke Desforges (Pre-booking, registration, signing up on the day, Faculty liaison) l.desforges@sheffield.ac.uk, tel. 0114 222 0423
  • April Dawson (Venue, catering, equipment, rooms) a.dawson@sheffield.ac.uk, tel. 0114 222 0401

email : lets@sheffield.ac.uk