Learning & Teaching Professional Recognition Scheme HEA Fellows

Personal Pathway

The following have successfully completed the Personal Pathway to professional recognition:

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Parveen Ali (Nursing & Midwifery, MDH)

Liz Alvey (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Science)

Julie Balen (ScHARR, MDH)

Rebecca Barnes (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Science)

Barbara Bassa (Human Resources, Professional Services)

Mark Bateman (Geography, Social Sciences)

Andrea Bath (Learning & Teaching Services, Professional Services)

Cormac Behan (Law, Social Sciences)

Tim Birkhead (Animal & Plant Sciences, Science)

Bryony Black (School of Education, Social Sciences)

Kate Bracegirdle (Law, Social Sciences)

Gareth Bramley (Law, Social Sciences)

Joanne Britton (Sociological Studies, Social Sciences)

Gavin Boyce (Research & Innovation Services, Professional Services)

Helen Buckley Woods (ScHARR, MDH)

Jennifer Burnham (Chemistry, Science)

Jennifer Burr (ScHARR, MDH)

Melanie Burton (Landscape, Social Sciences)

Carolyn Butterworth (Architecture, Social Sciences)

Harriet Cameron (ELTC, Professional Services)

Kate Campbell-Pilling (Law, Social Sciences)

Paul Cardwell (Law, Social Sciences)

Matt Carre (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Philip Chan (Medical School, MDH)

Neil Chapman (Oncology & Metabolism, MDH)

Matthew Cheeseman (English, Arts & Humanities)

Tom Clark (Sociological Studies, Social Sciences)

Gordon Cooper (Biomedical Science, Science)

Andrew Cox (Information School, Social Sciences)

Jeremy Craven (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Science)

Layla Croll (Projects & Development, Professional Services)

Julie Dickinson (ScHARR, MDH)

Rachel Dodd (Management School, Social Sciences)

Rachel van Duyvenbode (English, Arts & Humanities)

Hannah Fairbrother (Nursing & Midwifery, MDH)

Tom Farrow (Neuroscience, MDH)

Mark Fenwick (Oncology & Metabolism, MDH)

Desiree Fields (Geography, Social Sciences)

Clare Firth (Law, Social Sciences)

David Forrest (English, Arts & Humanities)

Barry Gibson (Clinical Dentistry, MDH)

Louise Glover (Law, Social Sciences)

Emily Goodall (Student Services, Professional Services)

Peter Grabowski (Oncology, MDH)

Judith Greenall (Careers, Professional Services)

Emma Gregory (Human Communication Sciences, MDH)

Kay Guccione (Research & Innovation Services, Professional Services)

Vanessa Halliday (ScHARR, MDH)

Caroline Hart (Education, Social Sciences)

Todd Hartman (Sheffield Methods Institute, Social Sciences)

Nicola Hemmings (Animal & Plant Sciences, Science)

Fay Hield (Music, Arts & Humanities)

Gemma Holtam (Library, Professional Services)

Julia Hulsken (Psychology, Science)

Navdeep Hundal (Medicine, MDH)

David Hyatt (School of Education, Social Sciences)

Julie Hyde (Chemistry, Science)

Paul Jinks (Clinical Dentistry, MDH)

Claire Johnson (Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering)

Oliver Johnson (301 Student Skills & Development Centre, Professional Services)

Emma Jones (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Science)

Myles Jones (Psychology, Science)

Adrian Jowett (School of Clinical Dentistry, MDH)

Platon Kapranos (Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering)

Sarah Kettlewell (Careers, Professional Services)

Jane Laing (Sociological Studies, Social Sciences)

Farzana Latif (CiCS, Professional Services)

Alice Lawrence (ELTC, Professional Services)

Eunice Lawton (Faculty Office, Engineering)

Lucy Lee (Faculty Office, MDH)

Roger Lewis (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Ian Loasby (AMRC, Engineering)

Victoria Mann (ELTC, Professional Services)

Ellen Marshall (301 Student Skills & Development Centre, Professional Services)

Matthew Mears (Physics & Astronomy, Science)

Juliana Meira (Management School, Social Sciences)

Pete Mella (CiCS, Professional Services)

Richard Miles (301 Student Skills & Development Centre, Professional Services)

Luke Miller (ScHARR, MDH)

Millie Mockford (Animal & Plant Sciences, Science)

Patrick Murphy (MBB, Science)

Patricia Murray (Faculty Office, Engineering)

Themesa Neckles (School of Education, Social Sciences)

Dan Newberry (Human Resources, Professional Services)

Nicki Newman (Management School, Social Sciences)

Anna Nibbs (USE, Professional Services)

Peter Odell (Law, Social Sciences)

Sally O'Halloran (Landscape, Social Sciences)

Bryony Olney (Urban Studies and Planning, Social Sciences)

Robyn Orfitelli (English, Arts & Humanities)

Janine Owens (Dental Public Health, MDH)

Alison Patrick (Clinical Dentistry, MDH)

Andrew Phillips (Geography, Social Sciences)

Barry Pierce (Management School, Social Sciences)

Sarah Pogoda (Germanic Studies, Arts & Humanities)

Kevin Poppelwell (Faculty Office, MDH)

Bryony Portsmouth (Research & Innovation Services, Professional Services)

Katie Powell (ScHARR, MDH)

Stefanie Pukallus (Journalism Studies, Social Sciences)

Lauren Rea (School of Languages & Cultures, Arts & Humanities)

Nik Reeves-McLaren (Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering)

Kate Richardson (Learning & Teaching Services, Professional Services)

Alison Riley (University of Sheffield Enterprise, Professional Services)

Louise Robson (Biomedical Science, Science)

Sarah Salway (ScHARR, MDH)

Antonino Sgalambro (Management School, Social Sciences)

Fuschia Sirois (Psychology, Science)

Rachel Staddon (Lifelong Learning, Professional Services)

Carolyn Staton (Oncology and Metabolism, MDH)

Richard Steadman-Jones (English, Arts & Humanities)

Eleanor Stillman (School of Maths & Statistics, Science)

Christopher Stokes (Dentistry, MDH)

Andrew Tattersall (ScHARR, MDH)

Jill Thompson (Nursing & Midwifery, MDH)

Anna Topakas (Management School, Social Sciences)

Emma Tudhope (ELTC, Professional Services)

Joan Upson (Law, Social Sciences)

Daniel Villalba Algas (Politics & Sociological Studies, Social Sciences)

Tim Vorley (Management School, Social Sciences)

Robert Wapshott (Management School, Social Sciences)

Andrea Ward (Management School, Social Sciences)

Meesha Warmington (Human Communication Sciences, MDH)

Meredith Warren (English, Arts & Humanities)

Christine Webb (ELTC, Professional Services)

Matthew Willett (Management School, Social Sciences)

Gary Wood (University of Sheffield Enterprise, Professional Services)

Jonathan Wood (Neuroscience, MDH)

Karen Wood (Chemical & Biological Engineering, Engineering)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Patricia Aelbrecht (Urban Studies and Planning, Social Sciences)

Elizabeth Anderson (Human Communication Sciences, MDH)

Furaha Asani (Infection & Immunity, MDH)

Alice Baillie (Animal & Plant Sciences, Science)

Zoe Baker (School of Education, Social Sciences)

Danielle Birkett (Music, Arts & Humanities)

Martin Braun (Multidisciplinary Engineering Education, Engineering)

Emma Briant (Journalism Studies, Social Sciences)

Daniel Brierley (School of Clinical Dentistry, MDH)

Helen Cameron (Human Communication Sciences, MDH)

Tom Cochrane (Philosophy, Arts & Humanities)

Bridget Coulter (Music, Arts & Humanities)

Victoria Earley (Nursing & Midwifery, MDH)

Kasia Emery (Chemical & Biological Engineering, Engineering)

Christina Fashanu (Education, Social Sciences)

Richard Fern (Journalism Studies, Social Sciences)

Zoe Gallant (Psychology, Science)

Pippa Gardner (Geography, Social Sciences)

Claire Garwood (Neuroscience, MDH)

Elizabeth Goodwin (History, Arts & Humanities)

Fiona Graham (Oncoloy & Metabolism, MDH)

Chengqian Guo (East Asian Studies, Social Sciences)

Amy Haworth (Library, Professional Services)

Kirsty Hemsworth (MLTC/French, Arts & Humanities)

Jonathan Higham (Civil & Structural Engineering, Engineering)

Bethan Hindle (Animal & Plant Sciences, Science)

Leanne Ingram (Management School, Social Sciences)

Sotirios Karampampas (Politics, Social Sciences)

Simon Keegan-Phipps (Music, Arts & Humanities)

Jessica Keen (Student Services, Professional Services)

Daniel Kerr (Architecture, Social Sciences)

Christopher Knox (Student Services, Professional Services)

Jamal Lahmar (Education, Social Sciences)

Mark Lawrence (ELTC, Professional Services)

Agnes Lehoczky (English, Arts & Humanities)

Dawei Li (Landscape, Social Sciences)

Michael Livingstone (Landscape, Social Sciences)

Richard Maguire (Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease, MDH)

Mark Meagher (Architecture, Social Sciences)

Joanne Merrygold (English, Arts & Humanities)

Amy Mollekin (301 Student Skills & Development Centre, Professional Services)

Bridie Moore (English, Arts & Humanities)

Aysha Musa (English, Arts & Humanities)

Rebekka Niepelt (301 Student Skills & Development Centre, Professional Services and Human Communication Sciences, MDH)

Tareq Omairi (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Science)

Philomena Osseo-Asare (Education, Social Sciences)

Sarita Panday (ScHARR, MDH)

Kate Penney (Management School, Social Sciences)

Tom Pering (Geography, Social Sciences)

Pierre Petriacq (Animal & Plant Sciences, Science)

Suzanne Pinkney (Chemical & Biological Engineering, Engineering)

Lauren Powell (ScHARR, MDH)

Roy Poyntz (Management School, Social Sciences)

Lisa Procter (School of Education, Social Sciences)

Melanie Richter-Montpetit (Politics, Social Sciences)

Hannah Robbins (Music, Arts & Humanities)

Thomas Roseveare (Chemistry, Science)

Fiona Scott (School of Education, Social Sciences)

Joanna Shepherd (Clinical Dentistry, MDH)

Jonathan Smart (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Science)

Lisa Stampnitzky (Politics, Social Sciences)

Cyd Sturgess (Germanic Studies, Arts & Humanities)

Elizabeth Such (ScHARR, MDH)

Reem Sultan (Architecture, Social Sciences)

Bethany Taylor (Nursing & Midwifery, MDH)

Clare Thorpe (Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering)

Abiye Tob-Ogu (Management School, Social Sciences)

Laura Towers (Sociological Studies, Social Sciences)

Caroline Treweek (Psychology, Science)

David Vessey (Lifelong Learning, Professional Services)

Rachel Waller (Neuroscience, MDH)

Ning Wang (Oncology & Metabolism, MDH)

Anthony Warde (Department for Lifelong Learning, Professional Services)

James Wright (Chemistry, Science)

Martin Zeidler (Biomedical Science, Science)

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Ahmed Faraj Abuserwal (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Francesco Aletta (Architecture, Social Sciences)

Adham Alsharkawi (ACSE, Engineering)

Faraj Bashir (ACSE, Engineering)

Andreea Ciuntu (Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease, MDH)

Christopher Devlin (Civil & Structural Engineering, Engineering)

Mohamed Elghazaly (Biomedical Science, Science)

Rasha Elghaba (Psychology, Science)

Emily Fisk (Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease, MDH)

Polly Gravells (Oncology, MDH)

Mark Green (ScHARR, MDH)

Dale Griffin (ScHARR, MDH)

Eleanor Hodgson (French, Arts & Humanities)

Emily Hunt (USE, Professional Services)

Chris Johns (Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease, MDH)

Grace Jones (Projects & Development, Professional Services)

Matthew Kerry (History, Arts & Humanities)

Michelle Lawson (Oncology & Metabolism, MDH)

Anna Leyland (Psychology, Science)

Ian Lilley (ACSE, Engineering)

Wai Hou Lio (ACSE, Engineering)

Xi Liu (Education, Social Sciences)

Alexander Mackie (Materials Science & Engineering, Science)

Efstathios Margaritis (Architecture, Social Sciences)

Amy Moores (Physics & Astronomy, Science)

Lucy Morris (Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease, MDH)

Julia Paton-Hough (Oncology, MDH)

Sarah Peck (Geography, Social Sciences)

Matteo Rubinato (Civil & Structural Engineering, Engineering)

Christopher Scott (English Literature, Arts & Humanities)

Liz Taylor (University of Sheffield Enterprise, Professional Services)

Anthea Tucker (Library, Professional Services)

Nicholas Weatherley (Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease, MDH)

Melissa Weston (Biomedical Science, Science)

Lu Yin (Economics, Social Sciences)

Foundation Pathway

The following have successfully completed the Foundation Pathway and have been recognised in the category Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy:

Suzanne Ablard (ScHARR, MDH)

Kate Adkins (Psychology, Science)

Basim Al-Bakri (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Ehssan Al-Bermany (Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering)

Yasir Al-Jumaili (English, Arts & Humanities)

Zahran Al-Kamyani (Civil & Structural Engineering, Engineering)

Anwer Al-Obaidi (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Ahmed Al-Rubaiy (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Affra Al Shamsi (ScHARR, MDH)

Mohamad Al-Taha (Architecture, Social Sciences)

Hamza Al-Tameemi (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Fawwaz Ali (MBB, Science)

Tooba Alizadeh (Cardiovascular Science, MDH)

Radwan Aljuhashy (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Moaed Almeselmani (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Science)

Abualbishr Alshreef (ScHARR, MDH)

Christiana Anaxagorou (Economics, Social Sciences)

Veerendra Angadi (EEE, Engineering)

Parham Aram (ACSE, Engineering)

Furaha Asani (Medical School, MDH)

Seddon Atkinson (Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering)

Albert Attom (Management School, Social Sciences)

Sara Bacon (Faculty of Science, Science)

Emily Barker (Economics, Social Sciences)

Gulsah Bilge (Landscape, Social Sciences)

Samraghni Bonnerjee (English, Arts & Humanities)

Stephanie Borg (Oncology & Metabolism, MDH)

Martin Braun (e-Futures Doctoral Training Centre, Engineering)

Evelyne Browaeys (Archaeology, Arts & Humanities)

Christopher Buckley (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Sarah Calvert (Human Metabolism, MDH)

Emiliano Cancellieri (Physics & Astronomy, Science)

Angela Lavilla Canedo (Hispanic Studies, Arts & Humanities)

Valentina Caruso (Hispanic Studies, Arts & Humanities)

Daniel Casey (Geography, Social Sciences)

James Chetwood (History, Arts & Humanities)

Daniel Clarke (English, Arts & Humanities)

Alexander Corner (Mathematics & Statistics, Science)

Laura Corns (Biomedical Science, Science)

Jose Cree (History, Arts & Humanities)

Kate Davison (History, Arts & Humanities)

Giulio Dolcetti (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Audrey Dugue-Nevers (East Asian Studies, Social Sciences)

Enass Duro (ScHARR, MDH)

Victoria Earley (Nursing & Midwifery, MDH)

Celestine Ebieto (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Akanimo Emene (Chemical & Biological Engineering, Engineering)

Jose Naranjo Espinosa (Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering)

Ghaiath Fadhil (Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering)

Ahmad Faik (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Olasimbo Fayombo (Geography, Social Sciences)

Simon Fellgett (Biomedical Science, Science)

Ioanna Filippidi (Music, Arts & Humanities)

Tamsyn Fraser (Archaeology, Arts & Humanities)

Nicola Galley (MBB, Science)

Trystan Goetze (Philosophy, Arts & Humanities)

Elizabeth Goodwin (History, Arts & Humanities)

Helen Hicks (Animal & Plant Sciences, Science)

Bethan Hindle (Animal & Plant Sciences, Science)

Alex Hitchman (History, Arts & Humanities)

Joe Hulin (ScHARR, MDH)

Omar Jasim (ACSE, Engineering)

Sally Jones (Civil & Structural Engineering, Engineering)

Yas Khalil (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Elizabeth Kirkham (Psychology, Science)

Caroline Knight (Management School, Social Sciences)

Stella Kritikou (Chemistry, Science)

Konstanina Maragkou (Economics, Social Sciences)

Stefania Marcotti (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering)

Neri Marsili (Philosophy, Arts & Humanities)

Roberta Mentesana (Archaeology, Arts & Humanities)

Samuel McDermott (Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Engineering)

Emily McDool (Economics, Social Sciences)

Jennifer McNeill (Urban Studies & Planning, Social Sciences)

Henrique Meissner (Music, Arts & Humanities)

Beth Mindel (Animal & Plant Sciences, Science)

Zaid Mohammadsalih (Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering)

Gabriela Morales Martinez (Management School, Social Sciences)

Krissy Moore (Archaeology, Arts & Humanities)

Louise Newbould (ScHARR, MDH)

Bethany Nichol (Music, Arts & Humanities)

Sally Ohlsen (ScHARR, MDH)

Lauren Platts (Chemical & Biological Engineering, Engineering)

Daniel Polak (Physics & Astronomy, Science)

Tanja Prieler (Human Communication Sciences, MDH)

Hannah Probert (History, Arts & Humanities)

Hussain Qasem (Architecture, Social Sciences)

Samar Raffoul (Civil and Structural Engineering, Engineering)

Hayley Rennie (Disability and Dyslexia Support Service, Professional Services)

Laura Requena Casado (Economics, Social Sciences)

Marta Rodrigues (Geography, Social Sciences)

Bertha Rohenkohl Cruz (Economics, Social Sciences)

Matthew Rolfe (MBB, Science)

Leonardo Talachia Rosa (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Science)

Sophie Turnbull (Psychology, Science)

Dimitrios Savva (Music, Arts & Humanities)

Mariona Segura Noguera (Chemical & Biological Engineering, Engineering)

Serenella Sessini (Music, Arts & Humanities)

Mohammed Shbeh (Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering)

Kimberley Simpson (Animal & Plant Sciences, Science)

Laura Stefanescu (History, Arts & Humanities)

Jodie Stephenson (Neuroscience, MDH)

Diana Swales (Department for Lifelong Learning, Professional Services)

Abigail Taylor (French, Arts & Humanities)

Sofia Tecce (Archaeology, Arts & Humanities)

Luis Toronjo Urquiza (Chemical & Biological Engineering, Engineering)

Theresa Veltri (Psychology, Science)

Caroline Verfuerth (Management School, Social Sciences)

Goran Vodicka (Landscape, Social Sciences)

Isobel Williams (Neuroscience, MDH)

Grant Wilson (Chemical & Biological Engineering, Engineering)

Alexander Wynn (Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering)

Ibrahim Yaseen (MBB, Science)

non LTPRS Fellows

The names of all HEA fellowships of members of the University of Sheffield achieved either by direct application to the HEA or through successful completion of an accredited programme may be found here.