Probationary Requirements for Professional Development in Learning and Teaching

Requirements for Academic Probationers

From 1 September 2014 all University of Sheffield staff on academic probation are required to gain Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) as a condition of their probation. This is in accordance with the decision made by the University’s Learning and Teaching Committee on 20 November 2013 and recorded in the minutes:

8.2 It was recommended that where new staff join the University with teaching experience they should be able to meet their probationary requirement for learning & teaching by applying for Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) through the Personal Recognition Scheme rather than undertaking the Certificate in Learning and Teaching (CiLT). Those who hold an equivalent teaching qualification or fellowship of the HEA would be exempt from the probationary requirement as they are currently.

We offer a route to achieving FHEA through the University of Sheffield’s Learning and Teaching Professional Recognition Scheme (LTPRS) which is accredited by the Higher Education Academy. The Personal Pathway is self-directed. For those who would prefer a supported route to achieve the learning and teaching element of probation should consider completing the first two modules of the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching for Learning in Higher Education.

Academic probationers must commit to undertaking one these routes within three months of taking up their position at the University. Probationers will make the decision about which route to take in consultation with their Head of Department (or nominee) who will complete FORM LTPROB which will be forwarded to LeTs who will notify HR of the decision. It is the probationer’s responsibility to register for their chosen route and successfully complete it before the end of their probationary period.

Any probationer who has been at the University longer than three months and who has not already started the Postgraduate Certificate should make a decision about which of the two routes they wish to take as soon as possible (and complete the form with their HoD and forward it to LeTs).

Any probationer who is already a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) or holds an equivalent qualification to the Postgraduate Certificate from another University can apply to be exempt from the probationary requirement for learning & teaching to achieve FHEA status subject to the production of a certificate from the HEA or evidence of holding an equivalent qualification. Details of how to apply for full exemption are available here.

Choosing the appropriate route

Probationers will need to carefully consider which route is appropriate for them. This will depend on their level, depth and breadth of previous teaching experience, working circumstances and personal preferences for professional development in learning and teaching. The following information is designed to support probationers to make a sound decision in consultation with their Head of Department (or nominee) about the best route for them.

Members of the Professional Development Team in Learning and Teaching (in LeTs) offer advice about the routes through consultations events; however the decision about which route to take rests solely with the probationer and the Head of Department (or nominee).