Learning and Teaching Development Managers (LTDMs) support and develop the design and delivery of excellent learning and teaching

  • We manage extensive networks through close partnership work with colleagues and students at university, department, faculty or individual level.
  • We facilitate strategically informed change, bringing our pedagogical expertise and knowledge of the University and HE sector to a suite of projects and activities. Our work is informed by scholarship.
  • Each LTDM works closely with one of the Faculty Directors of Learning and Teaching, helping to build discipline-based communities of practice that inform and support departmental learning and teaching enhancements.
  • Throughout a wide-ranging brief we interpret priorities and devise and implement actions in the context of the University‚Äôs Learning and Teaching Strategy.
  • We take an evidence based approach to the development and implementation of educational policies

An example of recent areas of work includes programme curriculum review and development with its associated teaching methods and assessment and feedback.

Our communities of practice:

Arts & Humanities
AHEAD in Learning and Teaching 
Faculty L&T googlesite:

LTDM: Juliet Storey

Engineering and Teaching Shorts (EATS)
Faculty Staff Handbook
LTDM: Richard Ward

Social Sciences
Teaching Excellence in Social Sciences TESS (Social Sciences googlesite)
LTDM: Sarah Hague

Science Teaching Network
Science Intranet: sites.google.com/sheffield.ac.uk/science-learning-teaching/home
LTDM: Claire Allam

Medicine, Dentistry and Health
Teaching Circle

Learning and teaching portal https://sites.google.com/a/sheffield.ac.uk/mdh-learning-and-teaching/home
LTDM: Marie Evans