Learning and Teaching Committee

Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC)

The Committee’s role is to enrich and promote the learning, teaching and assessment culture of the University, enhance the student learning experience, encourage excellence and innovation in learning and teaching, manage the quality and standards of all programmes of study (including collaborative provision), advise on policies for admissions processes and outreach activities, and enhance and safeguard the University’s reputation for an excellent student learning experience. It oversees the University strategies for learning, teaching and assessment and reports directly to Senate.

Structure of Sub-Committees

Learning & Teaching Committee Structure 2017-18

Learning and Teaching Committee  Quality & Scrutiny Sub-Committee (QSC) Committee for Collaborative Provision (CCP) Learning Infrastructure and Space Management Group (LISM)
Faculty of Arts & Humanities Learning & Teaching Committee Faculty of Engineering Learning & Teaching Committee Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Learning & Teaching Committee Faculty of Science Learning & Teaching Committee
Faculty of Social Sciences Learning & Teaching Committee International Faculty Learning & Teaching Committee Extra Faculty Learning & Teaching Committee Student Support Committee 

In addition the following Committees Report to LTC: 

  - University of Sheffield International College Academic Management Board
  - Apprentice Education Steering Group

For further information about LTC or its sub-committees please contact the Secretary of the relevant committee:

LTC : Andrea Bath a.j.bath@sheffield.ac.uk QSC : Karen Anderson k.h.anderson@sheffield.ac.uk
CCP : Karen Anderson k.h.anderson@sheffield.ac.uk


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