Associate Tutors

Associate Tutors are used in a number of taught programmes offered by the University and make an important contribution to the delivery of teaching. The term ‘Associate Tutor’ is a broad one which can, for example, refer to Postgraduate Research students/Graduate Teaching Assistants acting as demonstrators in practical classes or leading the delivery of small group teaching, as well as practice-based tutors used for their specialist expertise to deliver lectures or lead seminars. There is of course a wide variation in practice across the University in terms of the types of Associate Tutors employed, the roles and the amount of teaching they undertake.

The guidance available on the right sets out expectations relating to the way in which Associate Tutors are engaged, supported, informed and encouraged to develop, as well as providing further information and examples of good practice in these areas.

In relation to the part that Postgraduate Research students play in the delivery of teaching, there have been discussions during 2011-2012 regarding expectations around training for students who teach and the contractual relationship of Graduate Teaching Assistants with the University. Further information will be provided on these areas when available.

You may also wish to consult the Human Resources webpages, particularly with regard to the range of appropriate employment relationships at the University.