Student Support

Departments have a responsibility to provide student support in all areas of their university life from registration to graduation. You could find yourself supporting students with registration, module choice, fees, examinations, induction, mentoring, special circumstances and complaints. You may also find your responsibilities include maintaining student progression records, student employability, timetabling, designing and running the curriculum or ensuring that the department has a Disability Liaison Officer.

Guidance is available to enable departments to support students effectively in the supporting students booklet and on the student services website - see links to the right. These resources cover support from an academic and administrative perspective and also in situations related to students’ emotional and physical wellbeing.

Departments are responsible for supporting and promoting the Sheffield Graduate Development Programme (SGDP) in order to allow students to reflect on their learning and achievements. The right hand link explains more about the SGDP and how departments can embed it into their curriculum.

To further assist students in promoting their skills and achievements a new Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) transcript has been introduced which outlines students’ academic achievements and extra curricula activities such as the SGDP in more detail. The related webpage Providing Information to Students gives further details.

If you are supporting international students the International students – Code of Good Practice guidance outlines departmental and university responsibilities as a whole when supporting international students from pre-application through to the Alumni stage. Also refer to the UKCISA/AISA Code of Ethics which covers the professional conduct of those advising international students.

When recruiting international students you need to be aware of the Points Based System (PBS) of immigration which has been introduced by the UK government for non-EU/EEA nationals who wish to work and study in the UK. The University of Sheffield is a licensed sponsor and has a responsibility to comply with its sponsorship duties.

Further guidance can be found on the "Personal and Academic Support Tutor" webpages and the Personal Tutoring and Academic Support Toolkit pages for staff supporting students in these areas.