Providing Information for Students

Students should be provided with clear information about the University, the department and their programme. Departments across the University currently use a range of methods for providing students with this information This diversity of presentation is a result of Departments finding a format that works well for their students. Some departments use a handbook with departmental specific information and then use web pages for more detailed information.

What should be included?

The following information should be made available to all taught students (including students on distance learning and collaborative programmes). The list is by no means exhaustive, many “handbooks” or web pages already cover some of the suggested topics and different departments will need to emphasise different things.

  • Programme information
  • Module information
  • Attendance requirements
  • Assessment and Feedback (see download for Principlies of Feedback)
  • Unfair Means
  • Progression
  • Personal and academic support
  • Our Commitment - partnership document between teachers and students
  • Student Representation
  • Academic and other support staff involved in a course
  • Data Protection
  • Complaints and Appeals
  • Health and Safety

Standard text which can be used to cover certain areas is available for: