Lecture Recording Policy

The University recognizes the value of lecture recordings in support of students’ learning. Under the Equality Act (2010) the University has a legal obligation to provide reasonable adjustments to enable students with certain disabilities to fully access material provided in lectures. Having access to recordings is considered to be such a reasonable adjustment. However, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that all students, not only disabled students, value having access to recordings of lectures and the University is supportive of this. Students find lecture recordings particularly useful for revision purposes, for going over particularly difficult points that they may have missed, for writing more detailed notes following a lecture. These are the intended uses of lecture recordings. There is no intention that they should ever be a replacement for attendance at lectures.

From 2017-18, the University will have an opt-out policy on lecture capture. This means that lectures will automatically be recorded and made available on MOLE. Where it is not appropriate to record a lecture e.g. interactive sessions, lectures containing confidential information or those delivered by an external speaker who has not given permission to be recorded, staff can request that that the lecture is not recorded.

Note that from 2017-18, the lecture capture service will be renamed from MyEcho to Encore.

Further details including the full policy document can be found on the CiCS webpages: