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When planning a trip there are several issues to consider which are covered in more depth in the ‘Guidelines for trips document’. Initially, departments may wish to consult the relevant HEA subject centre.


Field classes – the university must be made aware of all trips for insurance purposes.

Use of vehicles – the transport office should be notified of the use of a minibus for official use and can provide guidance on insurance requirements. Staff using their own vehicle or a vehicle from a non-university approved supplier must check that their insurance covers them for business use. The university also has a list of approved suppliers but staff must check that the vehicle will be covered by the University of Sheffield Insurers.

Medical insurance for overseas trips – departments are advised to organise insurance through the university and should have evidence they are covered by the health services in the countries they are visiting e.g. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Students may require additional insurance for expensive items such as laptops.

Trips Abroad:

The visa requirements of the participants should be checked before travelling. It is also important to check out international security and health requirements before travelling on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

Planning Field classes and trips:

Although trips may be booked well in advance it is worth considering issues of health, disability, timing, religion, dietary requirements and social activities to ensure that participants are not excluded from activities.

Safety and Security

A group leader should be identified for emergencies and this person will need to follow guidelines in an emergency and are advised to check the university’s guidance on travel. The group leader will need the contact details of all participants. For foreign travel students are advised to photocopy their passport and visa.

Information for Students

Prior to the trip students should be provided with full written information including the group leader’s contact details, a packing list, costs prior to and during the trip, an itinerary, local emergency numbers and contact details for their accommodation.

The group leader should be given information including student contact details, the number of the university control room (+44 (0) 114 222 4085) and refer to university guidance on placements including the placement organiser checklist.

A nominated person within the department should have the information of all the trip participants and procedures and steps to be taken in emergencies. Their contact details should be provided to the control room.


If an incident occurs while overseas the group leader should contact the university control room and the Consular Offices of the nationals in the group.

In the event of serious illness the participant should be accompanied to the hospital or doctor and the insurance requirements checked. It may also be necessary to contact Student Support and Guidance (+44 (0) 114 222 4321) or the control room if out of hours.

In the unfortunate event of the death of a participant the relevant consular office, student support and guidance or control room if out of hours should be contacted.

Confirmation of briefing

Students should sign to say they have received a full briefing on the trip and read the protocol for the trip.