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Teaching for learning is a primary focus of educators. Recognition of how students learn and how they can benefit from being in a research-led, innovative, internationalised environment is helping to shape changes in modes of learning. What impact does this have on your approach to learning and teaching, and how can you make the most of an environment where you may have an increasingly diverse cohort of students, bringing different experiences and expectations to the classroom?

Three key considerations in teaching for learning are:

  • What do we want students to be able to do?
  • How does our delivery of teaching help structure learning? and
  • How does our teaching help students engage in learning activities?

Innovative examples of involving students in different modes of learning, such as providing a research experience to undergraduate students or contributing to a community engagement initiative, can be found in many of the University’s faculties and departments. This section highlights different approaches and offers some examples that you may consider adapting to your needs.

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