The Biobank showcase is the public portal for the UK Biobank repository. It allows accredited researchers to investigate the types of information held in the secure central repository so that (a) if it is relevant to their work, and (b) their work is agreed to be of benefit to health research according to the criteria of UK Biobank, they can make a formal application for access to the anonymised data. Context-sensitive help is available on the Biobank web site via the menu bar.

Note: without permission from UK Biobank, you may not copy, reproduce, republish, download, distribute, make available to the public or otherwise use any of the content displayed on the Biobank website.


Access is available directly from this page by connecting to the Biobank website - you'll be prompted to log in to MUSE as necessary.


If you experience any difficulties in using this eResource please call us on extension 27200 or email