Lexis Library

Lexis Library is a legal database that provides access to UK legislation and law reports, legal journals and commentary sources, and online versions of major research encyclopedias including Halsbury's Laws of England, Atkins Court Forms and Encyclopedia of Forms & Precedents. The database is updated daily.

In addition to the main Search tab, the Practice Areas tab provides access to materials relating to specific areas of legal practice, and the Sources tab enables you to browse and search for individual sources, including international legal materials.


Access is available directly from this page by connecting to the Lexis Library website - you'll be prompted to log in to MUSE as necessary.

When connecting to Lexis Library, you'll need to read and accept the terms and conditions of use - just follow the on-screen instructions.

By connecting to Lexis Library, you agree that Lexis Nexis can collect personal data, such as email and IP address, to provide services such as returning a list of references to you and usage information to the Library. For more information, see the Lexis Nexis terms and conditions and click on the link to the Privacy Policy.


If you experience any difficulties in accessing this eresource please contact Library Help.